Ocean King PenaVega Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Parents

Ocean King PenaVega

Ocean King PenaVega

Ocean King PenaVega is a famous child celebrity because of his famous father and mother. His father and mother both are American actor/actress and singer. They have even started a youtube channel named LexLovesLos where he and his wife posts their daily life routine in the form of vlog and entertain their fan and followers.

Ocean King PenaVega is a very charming and handsome child and has a lot of his own fanbase and fan followers because of his cuteness and his charm. He has a younger brother who is as charm as Ocean King PenaVega.

Name Ocean King PenaVega
Birthday December 7, 2016
Age 03
Gender Male
Height 3 ft
Nationality American
Parents Carlos PenaVega(Father) Alexa PenaVega(Mother)
Siblings 1 (Brother) Kingston James PenaVega
Instagram @oceankingpenavega

10 Facts about Ocean King PenaVega:

  1. Ocean King PenaVega was born on December 7, 2016, in Maui, Hawaii it is a small island located outside of North America but is a part of The United States of America. He is just 3 years old.
  2. His father Carlos PenaVega is a famous American actor and singer and his mother Alexa PenaVega is also a famous American actor and singer who was even played in a spy kid film series.
  3. Ocean has a small brother name Kingston James PenaVega who was born in June 2019 is just 1 year old.
  4. He is a very famous child celebrity and a lot of followers but he doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page access to let his fan know about him in detail.
  5. He has his own Instagram profile username @oceankingpenavega where he has 300k followers over there.
  6. His height is almost 3 feet tall as he looks tall among the photo that he has on his Instagram but his exact height is not public yet.
  7. His parents got married in 2014 as his mother’s previous marriage ended up in a divorce and got married to his Carlos PenaVega.
  8. Ocean parents have their own youtube channel named LexLovesLos where they have posted everything about their family in their vlog and has hidden the subscriber amount but according to many research, we came to know that he has around 750k subscriber.
  9. Ocean and his family are all living in Hawaii small island and is also known as an island boy as mentioned in Ocean’s Instagram bio.
  10. His parents announced Ocean name in their Instagram post while they went for their ultrasound checkup.

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