Octavio Pizano Age, Girlfriend, Height And Instagram Bio

Coyote: Octavio Pizano Age, Girlfriend, Height And Instagram Bio

Coyote: Octavio Pizano Age, Girlfriend, Height And Instagram Bio

Octavio Pizano has been well-known as Coyote (2021)’s actor and is playing the role of Sultan in this ongoing television series. Until today’s date, he has already managed to appear in nearly 20 different shows. 

Quick Facts: Coyote: Octavio Pizano Age, Girlfriend, Height And Instagram Bio

Name Octavio Pizano
Birthday May 25, 1986
Age 34 years
Gender Male
Height 6 feet
Nationality Mexican
Profession Actor, Producer
Education University of San Francisco
Instagram @octaviopisano

Is Octavio Pizano married? Currently, we do not know if Octavio has ever been married. Apart from being an actor, he is also described as a producer who had worked as an associate producer in the movie named Feral State last year, in 2020.

10 Facts on Octavio Pizano:

  1. Octavio Pizano is an actor from Coyote who will be appearing as Keaton in his upcoming movie called Presence. It seems he is very busy with the project’s post-production currently.
  2. Moving on to Octavio Pizano’s age, he was born on May 25, 1986, and hence, he is already 34 years old.
  3. Apart from his marital status, we also remain unknown about Octavio Pizano’s dating life which is the reason why we have not mentioned anything about his girlfriend.
  4. According to his official IMDb page, we can confirm that Octavio Pizano stands at a height of 6 feet
  5. Speaking about Octavio Pizano’s Instagram account, he is active as @octaviopisano and has already earned a total of 4.2 thousand followers. 
  6. As per Octavio Pizano’s bio on Famous Birthdays, he is actually of Italian and Spanish descent. 
  7. Since we have already told you that we are not sure about his marriage, we have not mentioned Octavio’s wife in this article.
  8. Moreover, Pizano was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, which is enough for us to know that he is of Mexican nationality.
  9. If you do not find Octavio’s Wikipedia, you can search for his information on Fandom. From this site, we have come to know that he was sent to Vancouver, USA at the age of 17 to complete his studies.
  10. At first, he had joined the University of San Francisco to complete his studies in business but later, he got interested in acting and the rest is history. 

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