Ohmwrecker Merch And Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend And 10 Facts

Twitch: Ohmwrecker Merch And Net Worth: Facts You Need To Know

Twitch: Ohmwrecker Merch And Net Worth: Facts You Need To Know

Ohmwrecker, also known as Maskedgamer, is an American gamer, who rose to fame from YouTube after uploading videos of himself playing online multiplayer games with other YouTubers. He started making videos in 2006, and to date, he has shared over 3.2K+ videos on his Channel.

Recognized as the humble and modest guy to audiences, Ohmwrecker has not already gained over 2.42 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He usually can be seen playing multiplayer games like Dead by Daylight, Garry’s Mod, Rainbow Six: Siege, and few other games. In addition to YouTube, he is equally popular on Twitch TV.

Quick Facts: Twitch: Ohmwrecker Merch And Net Worth: Facts You Need To Know

Name Ohmwrecker
Birthday 37
Age 28 June
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Gamer
Married/Single Single
Instagram @ohmwrecker
Twitter @ohmwrecker
Youtube MaskedGamer

10 Facts On Ohmwrecker

  1. Ohmwrecker, who was born in 1983, whose birthday falls on 28 June. As of 2020, Ohmwrecker’s age is 37 years old.
  2. He is a native of the United States so, his nationality is American and he possible could be white by ethnicity.
  3. Ohmwrecker is also recognized for his nickname as Maskedgamer. Well, his real name is Ryan, as per YouTube Fandom.
  4. Ohmwrecker indeed has garnered huge fame from his career in gaming. Also, he does earn plenty of income. The exact amount of net worth is yet not revealed. Nai Buzz believes that he has over $1.1 million of net worth, yet we are unsure about the fact.
  5. As per the Social Balde, Ohmwrecker reportedly gets the YouTube earning of about $19.2K – $306.4K per annum. Also, his monthly YouTube revenue ranges from $1.6K to $25.5K.
  6. Ohmwrecker has started his own Merch and his logo printed merch can be bought on shop.spreadshirt.com.
  7. His bio is not available on Wikipedia. But, he is nothing less than any celebrity. In fact, he is verified on every social media platform and his bio is also covered in YouTube Fandom.
  8. Alongside YouTube, Ohmwrecker has also garnered over 512k followers on his Instagram account @ohmwrecker. Likewise, he is verified on Twitter with the username @Ohmwrecker and has over 817 thousand followers.
  9. Ohmwrecker yet hasn’t revealed his face in the media and even he prefers to call himself a Maskedgamer. While his real face is still a mystery, some people falsely think of Northernlion as Ohmwrecker.
  10. As of now, he seems to be single as he hasn’t spoken much about his possible girlfriend. Most of his social media posts are related to games.

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