Ohmyv33nus Real Gender, Name And Age: How Old Is OhMyV33nus?

Who Is Ohmyv33nus? Real Name And Gender Revealed

Who Is Ohmyv33nus? Real Name And Gender Revealed

Ohmyv33nus has already revealed her real gender. Read the full article to find out what she said and the recent controversy of homophobic comments against her.

Ohmyv33nus is a mobile presenter and MPL star who is very famous in premier games. 

He is the captain of Blacklist International games and has a very successful career there.

He is originally from the Philippines, and she is one of the famous players there. 

He has a lot of followers and admirers, which can be seen on her Instagram.

Ohmyv33nus: What is His Real Gender?

Ohmyv33nus revealed that he is part of the LGBTQ community. 

He hasn’t revealed in which word he belongs, but she revealed his identity lies in LGBTQ with his post.

He has supported the community through his posts and is seen to be pretty vocal about the rights and respect of LGBTQ people.

Ohmyv33nus: What Is His Real Name?

Ohmyv33nus real name is Johnmar Villaluna.

The different online portals revealed his real name after his news started to surface on the internet.

He has kept his title Ohmyv33nus in all of his gaming names. He hasn’t revealed any details about the exact meaning of the name she is presenting, but there must be some meaning behind the name.

It might have some meaning in the Phillipino language.

Ohmyv33nus Age: How Old Is He?

Ohmyv33nus age is 28 years old.

He was born on 20 July 1994 in Antipolo.

He started his career when he was just 21 years old.

She has achieved 12th place in the first MPL championship. She played from the team BLCK in season 7 of MPL and ONIC in season 6 of MPL.

Was He Abused On The Internet?

During Ohmyv33nus’ successful run at Mobile Legends Premier League, he was abused with homophobic remarks in the middle of the game when one opposition member said horrible remarks.

That person said, “you don’t belong here,” with other hateful comments mocking her gender.

He posted his stand for the members of LGBTQ members on his Facebook account.

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