Olaiya Igwe Dead or Alive? What Happened To Him?

Actor Olaiya Igwe Is Not Dead, What Actually Happened To Him?

Actor Olaiya Igwe Is Not Dead, What Actually Happened To Him?

Olaiya Igwe’s death rumors had gone viral a few hours ago, but he is not dead yet. As per the reports, he is alive. Learn more.

Olaiya Igwe is a famous Yoruba theatre and tv actor. His best-known movies are Abela Pupa, Oga olopa, Alase aye, Iku Lopin, and some more. 

The Nigerian star was admitted to the hospital after his kidney failed. Sadly, without his consent, his death news was rumored around. 

His family was unknown to the rumors till the media reached them. It’s happy news that he is all fine and alive right now.

Death Hoax: Olaiya Igwe Dead or Alive?

Olaiya Igwe is alive right now. There were fake rumors about him being dead on social media. 

As the BBC reported, a young Yoruba theatre actor Ebun Oloyede had spread the death rumors of Olaiya. Moreover, a report was published on Monday by Federal Government Hospital, Ibadan, UCH, claiming Olaiya had passed away because of kidney failure. 

Many people refuse to believe the hoax, and some media reached the Igwe family for confirmation. One of the BBC reporters also went for an interview with Yoruba theatre actor Adewale Abdulrasak Sokoti.

He mentioned him to be alive and all fine right now. Also, he said he was talking with Olaiya just five minutes before the interview. 

After those death rumors circulating on the internet, Fans and well-wishers of Olaiya were in profound tragedy, but recent news has undoubtedly provided some relief. We wish him a speedy recovery.

What Happened To Him?

Olaiya Igwe had been admitted to the hospital. His death rumors were first spread on 2nd August 2021 by one of the Yoruba theatre actors. 

In the recent news, it has been confirmed that the rumors were fake, and Olaiya is all fine. His family is saddened by the news of someone spreading the death rumors. 

Olaiya Igwe Family and Biography

Olaiya Igwe is an Nigerian actor. He was born in Ogun State, Nigeria. 

There is not much information found on him on the internet. He is reported to be in his fifties. However, there is no relevant information about his birth date and age.

He is married to a beautiful lady and has some children with her. His son, Ridwan Oloyede, is pursuing his music career in New York. Furthermore, he also has some daughters whose names are not revealed yet. 

Olaiya had started his theatre career in the 1970s and has done more than 200 movies so far. He is a versatile Nollywood actor and is seen in almost all kinds of roles. 

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