Olympian And Brother Dru Baggaley Arrested 2019

Who is Nathan Baggaley Wife? Olympian Family Details To Know

Who is Nathan Baggaley Wife? Olympian Family Details To Know

Know Nathan Baggaley wife and net worth information reading this post. Furthermore, get to know the reason behind his arrest.

Nathan Baggaley is an Australian sprint canoeist and surfer. As per his Wikipedia bio, he is a former Olympian and has won two silver medals for his country.

Furthermore, he is also a three-time world champion in the K-1 500 m events.

Nathan Baggaley has lived a very controversial life. Despite being a fine sportsman, he has been charged with Steriods and Drugs scandals many times.

Nathan Baggaley Wife

Nathan Baggaley doesn’t have a wife. Since he is not married.

However, the former Australian athlete was engaged to girlfriend Emeree Roberts.

Emeer was heavily pregnant when he was arrested over drugs charges back in the year 2013.

Following the pregnancy, Nathan and Emeree have a son named Jacob Baggaley.

However, Nathan hasn’t spoken about his parents.

Nathan Baggaley Net Worth

Nathan Baggaley’s current net worth information is not known.

However, it is speculated that during his prime career period, he was a millionaire.

Nathan Baggaley’s age is 45 years old as of March 2021. He was born on 6 December 1975 in Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Olympian And Brother Dru Baggaley Arrested

As of the latest news, Olympian and his brother have been found guilty of smuggling.

They are accused of carrying Kgsof cocaine into Australia illegally, reported to be around $200 million worth.

According to the jury, the brother duo was taken to Brisbane Supreme Court following the arrest, and both are found guilty.

In fact, Nathan Baggaley is no new to drug scandals. The talented kayaker was banned from the sport following his steroids in 2005.

Moreover, Nathan and Dru were jailed for many years following their drug manufacturing syndicate.

As per the news, the Baggley brothers and friend Anthony Draper will be facing the prospect of life in jail.

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