Olympics – Li Wenwen Is Not Transgender

Li Wenwen is not transgender, but a biological female. People might be confusing her for weightlifter Lauren Hubbard.

Wenwen might be one of the youngest in her category, but her talent is unmatchable. She made a new Olympic record by lifting 320kg in the Women’s +87kg Weightlifting championship. 

She beat British EJ Campbell and American S. Robles by a margin of over 35kg.  

Li Wenwen Is Not Transgender – Olympics Star Sexuality Rumours 

Li Wenwen from the Olympics is not a transgender.

Recently, Li Wenwen shocked the world after winning gold in the Women’s +87kg Weightlifting Olympic event. But, people were skeptical if her sexuality is transgender. 

We can confirm that the rumors are not true. As a fact, Wenwen was born as a biological female. She just happens to be stronger than others. 

Li’s transgender hoax might have started from a small confusion. In the same event, Wenwen competed with New Zealander Lauren Hubbard, who happens to be the first transgender in the Olympics. 

Lately, Hubbard had ignited debate following her qualification in Olympics. However, Lauren was not able to win any medal from the championship. 

Explore Li Wenwen Age and Wikipedia

Li Wenwen is just 21 years old age. The Olympian was born on March 5, 2021.

Similarly, Li Wenwen was born and raised by her Chinese parents. 

Since her childhood, Li Wenwen’s family were supportive of her career. By 19 years old, she had already started competing in international competitions.

In 2019, Li participated in IWF World Cup and won a silver. The same year, she won gold in the Asian Championships. Furthermore, she broke the world record by lifting 332kg in the 2019 World Championships. 

Wenwen made a major comeback in 2020 as well. She broke her own world record by lifting 335kg in the Asian Championships. 

Furthermore, Li Wenwen is also featured on Wikipedia’s profile.

Li Wenwen Height: How Tall is She?

Li Wenwen towers 5 feet and 10 inches tall in height.  According to her recent measurements, Wenwen weighs around 150 kg.

She really has the ideal body for weightlifting.

Li Wenwen earns handsome net worth from her career, which is still under review.

It is estimated that weightlifters can make up to $54,711 USD per year from their careers. So, we have no doubts that Wenwen makes a similar amount.

In addition, Li is a world record holder. She might have a huge fan following in China with brand endorsements. Therefore, her earnings might be even higher.   

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