Olympics: Poppy Olsen Parents, Father Mother And School

Who Are Poppy Olsen Father And Mother? Everything You Need To Know

Who Are Poppy Olsen Father And Mother? Everything You Need To Know

Poppy Olsen parents are father Andrew Olsen and mother Thomas Olsen. They are the greatest supporter of their daughter. 

The Women’s park Olympic event has finally come to an end. The gold, silver, and bronze were taken by S. Yosozumi, K. Hiraki, and S. Brown respectively.

Likewise, Australian Star, Poppy Olsen, fell a little bit short in the 5th position. 

Poppy Olsen Parents: Meet Father and Mother of Olympics Star

Olympics skateboarder Poppy Olsen parents are Thomas and Andrew Olsen.

They are the prime reason behind Poppy’s current stardom. Despite no coaching and financial support, the parents assisted Poppy in getting maximum support via various fundraisers.

Poppy Olsen’s mother, Thomas Olsen, is raising 3 children.

Expect managing the Olmpyian, Thomas is raising a son named Banjo and a daughter named Kip. Similar to Poppy Olsen, both her siblings are also daredevils. In fact, Banjo is interested in Parkour, while Kip is a former skater and rollerskater.

Poppy Olsen’s father, Andrew Olsen, used to put on ice hockey pads to help Poppy in practice.

Though Andrew knows nothing about skating, he used to learn along with his daughter. Moreover, it also became a bonding activity between the two.

Where did Poppy Olsen Attend School?

Poppy Olsen attended South Wales Institute of Sport school in scholarship.

For years, Olsen trained at home on her own. However, after the addition of Skateboarding in the Olympics, her chances to enter into professional training bloomed.

Poppy had already won two world titles to her name by then. Therefore, every Australian academy was eyeing the star. 

In 2018, South Wales Institute offered Poppy a full sports scholarship. This meant benefits like training, physiotherapy, strength, and sports psychology for the Olympian.

Thomas was thrilled when her daughter got the offer. She even remarked, “It means a hell of a lot to our family.”

Eventually, Poppy Olsen moved from her hometown in Newcastle to South Wales. 

How Old Poppy Olsen age?

Poppy Olsen is the age of 21 years old. She celebrates her birthday on June 1 each year.

Likewise, Poppy Olsen belongs to the white ethnicity. 

The skateboarder is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She is currently dating her girlfriend, tubsy, aka @unafarrar. Moreover, even tubsy is a skateboarder. 

Poppy Olsen stands shorter in height than her partner. Nevertheless, the two look really cute together.

Though she may not have won a medal in the Olympics, Olsen certainly won our hearts. We can’t wait to see her on the ramp again. 

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