Origins Season 1 Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained

Ju-On: Origins Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained
Ju-On: Origins Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained

Creepy, eerie, emotional, and sick in all the glorious ways. That’s the best way to describe Netflix’s new series Ju-On: Origins. The legendary Japanese horror franchise has found audience in many parts of the world and now it has been adapted by Netflix, which means the series is only going to get more popular.

The story of this series happens in this haunted house and there is a lot of mystery in there. What happened n the house? Will our heroes survive? What sacrifices do they need to do in order to live? These are the basic questions fans are speculating. This one is going to be fun to watch.

Ju -On: Origins Netflix Release Date

Ju-On: Origins is going to be released on July 3, 2020, on the Netflix and fans all over the world can stream the series from their home. The series is going to be released in its entirety as its the trend with every Netflix show.

Ju-On: Origins Cast

Ju-On: Origins is the show that features lots of Japanese actors who aren’t famous but are great at acting. The cast of the actors featured on this show according to IMDB is:

  • Yoshiyoshi Arakawa
  • Yuina Kuroshma
  • Ririka

Yuina looks really beautiful and is followed by 2917 people on Instagram as well. The rest of the cast aren’t present on Instagram but they could join it after they signed to Netflix  

The writing credit of the show goes to Xerxes Pordely and it honestly looks like a very well written show. The acting also looks wonderful based on the few scenes that are on the trailer of the show.

The sow was actually created by Takashi Shimizu and te series got popular worldwide. The plotlines got a bit convoluted when lots of different versions of this series were created but the fans always had an appreciation for this series.

Ju-On Plot  And Trailer Explained

The trailer of Ju-On looks absolutely mesmerizing. The voiceover by the actress and the visuals are both very soft and diffused but it presents a mystery and creepy atmospheric vibe throughout the trailer. Hopefully, the magic remains intact or surpasses the trailer.

Details about the show haven’t been outed to any of the public and that’s done for their own sake. People can enjoy the show when nothing is spoiled to them and they can really be surprised at the events unfolding.

 The plot of the show is fearless and as grim and bleak as it could get. With each episode of 30 minutes and a jungle of complex characters, the terror and mystery take the front seat when watching this series.

The first episode contains an image of a child beaten by a predator. That really signifies that this sho is pushing boundaries when it comes to depicting violence in the series. At just about every turn, the show depicts the ugliest facets of humanity and how cruel they could really get.

Not a lot has been released about its plot details other than a short clip released by Netflix.

This is the terrifying clip released by Netflix and to know everything about this show, you will have to watch it on July 3 when it will finally be released.

Ju-On: Wiki And Reviews

The reviews of Ju-On: Origins aren’t seen yet because the show hasn’t released yet. However, judging by the trailer, the series looks really dark and bleak. It’s too fast to say whether or not this series will be renewed for Season 2 but considering the history, the show is going to exceed people’s expectations.

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