Oto Brantevics Age, Height, Girlfriend And Instagram

Oto Brantevics: Get To Know The Actor From Blizzard of Souls

Oto Brantevics: Get To Know The Actor From Blizzard of Souls

Oto Brantevics is a well-known actor from Blizzard of Souls which is titled to be The Rifleman in the United Kingdom. The movie was released in the year 2019 and as you guessed it, it was a hit in the Latvian film industry. 

Quick Facts: Oto Brantevics: Get To Know The Actor From Blizzard of Souls

Name Oto Brantevics
Gender Male
Height 6 feet and 6 inches
Nationality Latvian
Profession Actor
Married/Single Engaged to Tina Karina Ansanche
Education Kuldiga Center Secondary School
Instagram @curonian_rebel
Twitter @CuronianRebel
Facebook @curonianrebel1934 (private)

Even though Oto was appearing for the first time, his acting was absolutely brilliant and has been praised all over the world. Well, he has never acted in any other movie or television series since then. 

10 Facts on Oto Brantevics:

  1. Oto Brantevics is a rising actor from Blizzard of Souls where he has played the main role of Arturs Vanags
  2. Analyzing his pictures, we can guess that Oto Brantevics’s age is probably around his twenties but we are not really sure how old he is exactly.
  3. According to Oto Brantevics’s IMDb profile, he stands at a height of approximately 6 feet and 6 inches.
  4. From his Facebook bio, we have found out that Oto Brantevics has already been engaged to his longtime girlfriend whose name is Tina Karina Ansanche
  5. Moreover, Oto Brantevics is active on Instagram as @curonian_rebel and has gained nearly 465 followers there.
  6. Currently, there is nothing really to know about Oto’s parents and other family members.
  7. From the official Wikipedia page of Blizzard of Souls, we have come to know that Brantevics got nominated for the award of Best Acting at Lielais Kristaps
  8. Also, he was nominated for the Best Actor award at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival
  9. Apart from just Instagram, we can find him active on Twitter and Facebook too. In fact, he has already gained a total of 322 followers on his Twitter account under the username of @CuronianRebel but his Facebook account is private.
  10. Moving on to his studies, he had completed his schooling at Kuldiga Center Secondary School

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