Ozlem Tureci Religion, Net Worth And Wikipedia Bio: Ugur Sahin Wife

Ozlem Tureci Religion: Net Worth And Wikipedia Bio Details On Ugur Sahin’s Wife

Ozlem Tureci Religion: Net Worth And Wikipedia Bio Details On Ugur Sahin’s Wife

Ozlem Tureci is best known as the wife of the businessman, Ugur Sahin. Here are her religion and family facts revealed. 

Ugur Sahin who is the founder and CEO of the biotechnology company, BioNtech. The German company has recently developed a vaccine for covid-19, which has been accepted by the European Medicines Agency. The vaccine will be distributed all around Europe within a few months. 

Along with Ugur, his wife, Ozlem Tureci, has equal work in bringing the vaccine to life. She is a physician and scientist who is also the co-founder of the company. Their vaccine, Pfizer, is deemed the most effective covid-19 vaccine at the moment. 

Ozlem Tureci Religion 

Ozlem Tureci is an Islam by religion. She and Sahin became the first Muslim couple to start an international biotech company in 2008.

Moreover, her religion has been a matter of interest among the interviewers and media persons. She currently serves as the chief medical officer at the BioNTech company. 

Originally from Turkey, her parents immigrated to Germany. She is the first generation German in her family. 

Ozlem Tureci Net Worth: How much does she make?

As confirmed by Forbes, Ozlem Tureci and her husband, Ugur Sahin, have a net worth of more than $4.5 billion as of 2021. They founded the biotechnology company, BioNTech back in 2008.

Ozlem and her husband became the first Turkish-Germans to be in the top 100 wealthiest German people list. BioNtech is one of the leading biotech companies in the world. Their value will increase even more as they have recently developed an m-RNA based covid vaccine. 

Does She Have Wikipedia?

Ozlem Tureci does have a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography, which doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer of the BioNtech, Tureci is also the company’s co-founder.  By profession, she is a physicist and scientist who has a degree in human medicine. 

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