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Padraig O Hora Age: How Old Is He?

Padraig O Hora Age: How Old Is He?

Padraig O’ Hora, aged 28, is a professional athlete who defended for Mayo against Dublin. We have got some interesting facts about him.

Padraig O’Hara was one of the three-man standings on Special forces: Ultimate Hell Week. Padraig O’Hora gained attention as a newly recruited defender for James Horan’s football team Mayo a few months later.

He became ‘Man of the Match’ in Saturday night game against Dublin on 15th August. It was the first victory for the team against Dublin in 9 years. O’Hora described it as “.. best game of my life.”

The football player with a ponytail also has a philanthropic side. He is a Social care assistant in Western care and advocates for autism and inclusion. 

Padraig O’Hora Measurements: Age Height and Weight

Padraig O’Hora is of the age of 28 in 2021. He was born in London in 1993 A.D., the official birthdate of the famous football player is yet to be revealed.

The official data regarding his height and weight is yet to come across the internet for the general public. The close estimation of his height would be around 5’7″. 

All about Padraig O’Hora: Wikipedia

Despite being quite active and gaining fame in acting and sports, Padraig O’Hora is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, we can find information about him on various sports news portals.

O’Hora is an Irish from Ballina, Ireland. As a kid, Padraig played karate. He has also trained in Kick-boxing and MMA and competed in Jiu-Jitsu.

He also did a lifeguarding course. What’s more interesting is that O’Hora also practices mindfulness and does meditation to gain control over his body and mind. He believes that a strong mind will automatically lead to a strong body.

O’Hora made his TV show appearance in “Hell week,” which showcased his on-screen skills. We hope to see more of his acting skills in the future. 

Even though Padraig O’Hora initially played football, he left the sport for two long years and got involved in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). But later on, he realized that the idea of being a part of a large group seemed more appealing than a one-man sport.

So he shifted back to football and trained for the Championship after watching Stephenites.

Padraig seems to be constantly trying new sports instead of sticking to the one, but to see him coming back in football, one can say he has a passion for football.

Learn about Padraig O’Hora Wife and Family

Padraig O’Hora married his wife Roisin (27) after being in a romantic relationship for a long time.

Roisin was born in 1994 which makes them only a year apart in their age. The couple raises two children. A son and a daughter named Caiden (8) and Mila-Rae (3)

He also has a brother named Benjamin who is currently contributing to the Military sector.

Follow Padraig O’Hora on Instagram

We can follow O’Hora on his Instagram profile @padraigohora_1993.

But whether he allows us to follow or not depends, as his profile is not open to the public, leaving us fans wanting more. He currently has 5,758 followers on his Instagram.

As for other social media newsfeeds, we can only keep a lookout for his tags.  

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