Paintball: Jessica Maiolo Age And TikTok Video

How Old Is Jessica Maiolo From Tiktok? Take A Look At Her Instagram

How Old Is Jessica Maiolo From Tiktok? Take A Look At Her Instagram

Paintball Jessica Mailo aged 31, her Tiktok video has received a huge hatred and disappointment for the USA team. Read more and find her on Instagram. 

Jessica Mailo previously played for the team Texas Phalanx. 

Currently, her video of shaming a covid patient has gone viral and grasped huge attention. Jessica has also been removed from the World Championship Team due to her bad behavior which has caused huge consequences. 

Paintball: Who Is Jessica Maiolo?

Jessica Mailo is a professional paintball player and a member of former Team USA Paintball. 

She joined Team USA in 2016 and is also a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with Fit in 15. 

Her parent’s names and information have not been mentioned on the sites. Moreover, she is originally from Greenville, North Carolina. 

Jessica Maiolo Age- How Old? 

Jessica Mailo’s age is 31 years old. She was born in the year 1990.

What Happened With Her TikTok Video- Issue Explored 

Jessica Mailo released a 15 second TikTok video where she was seen ‘fat-shaming a teen who was hospitalized with Covid-19. Currently, the video is no longer found on her TikTok page, but one of the TikTok user named Savannah has captured the video. 

After that, she was removed from Team USA paintball and received a huge disappointment from her team members. 

She started the video by standing in front of a TV that was showing a news story of the teen boy suffering from Covid 19. The paintball player filmed herself, when the TV broadcast showed David Espino in the hospital bed. 

Further, Team USA Paintball has stated on their Instagram page about what Jessica Mailo did, and they are against it. It was written: “Team USA Paintball has no tolerance for discrimination or bullying of any kind.”

Mailo has come forward and issued an apology video with the caption: “I am deeply sorry for any attention I have brought to this family.”

Jessica Maiolo- Find Her On Instagram

Jessica Mailo is active on Instagram under the username @jessipaintball. She has garnered 12.4k followers, with only 1 post. 

We believe that she has removed almost all of her IG posts, and has not kept one post which is also an apology post for 17-year-old David.

Many are angry at the moment with Jessica’s unethical behavior, and one of the Twitter user has expressed her anger and her personal statement towards the Paintball player. 

There are plenty of many more backlash comments Jessica has received through social networking sites, and the posts have been flooded with mainly negative comments. 

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