Pancho Aguila Aka Roberto Solis

Netflix Heist Pancho Aguila Aka Roberto Solis – Is He Still In Jail?

Netflix Heist Pancho Aguila Aka Roberto Solis – Is He Still In Jail?

Where is Pancho Aguila AKA Roberto Solis Today? There is no information about where the longtime criminal is currently.

Roberto Solis, Heather Tallchief’s husband, is an American armored car robber, convicted murderer, and poet.

Pancho Aguila Aka Roberto Solis: Where Is He Now?

Pancho Aguila is one of the more than 30 aliases of Roberto Solis.

This is the reason why Roberto Solis is also known as Pancho Aguila.

Roberto had served 17 years in prison for murdering a security guard during a robbery in 1969 and he was given parole in 1992.

Where is he now? This question does not have an accurate answer but according to Distractify, his ex-girlfriend does not believe that he is still alive.

Pancho would now be in his mid-70s if he is alive but there is very little chance of him being alive.

Pancho Aguilo And Heather Tallchief Netflix Heist

Netflix has come up with a new Series named Heist.

Heist is a six-part documentary series that covers three separate heists and the heist is based on the explanation of the very people who actually pulled them off.


Including Roberto Solis and Heather Tallchief, there was one more culprit who was a retired sportsman and all they wanted was a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

The story took over two years to get filmed and each story of the Netflix series follows the same pattern.

Heather Tallchief Wikipedia: Her Age

Tallchief’s biography is not included on Wikipedia yet.

However, she has made herself some places on the internet after Netflix has made a series which is the story of the crime Heather committed.

It is known that following Heather’s husband Pancho Aguilla’s instruction, she drove away in an armored vehicle containing $3.1 million in October 1993.

Heather’s actual age is yet to be mentioned on the internet.

But, when Tallchief committed the crime with her husband, she was known to be just 21 years old at the time. After the robbery, Heather and Solis went on the run and Tallchief also gave birth to a son.

Heather gave herself up in September 2005 but her husband, Roberto has disappeared since October 1993.

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