Pastor Min Chung CFC Scandal And Resignation Email: Where Is He Now?

Did Pastor Min Chung Resign After CFC Scandal? Where Is he Now?

Did Pastor Min Chung Resign After CFC Scandal? Where Is he Now?

Pastor Min Chung scandal finally led to his resignation. What was the scandal all about? Get to know about his resignation email and more. 

He planted Covenant Fellowship Church in 1990 with a vision to produce kingdom workers.

Since then, it has produced hundreds of people in vocational ministries and missions around the world.

Pastor Min Chung CFC Scandal and Resignation

In January of 2020, CFC transitioned from being under the leadership of Reverend Min Chung to a team leadership model. 

Dr. Chung is the founding and senior pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church. 

Moreover, for the sake of god, Min Chung had carried out various beneficial things for the duration of his life.

Pastor Chung was claimed and accused in the scandal for certain genuine wrongdoings of sexual and obnoxious attack. 

In addition, his embarrassment was examined and discovered by numerous people on Reddit. 

A video was posted by a person named Tim on his Youtube channel regarding the acquiescence of Min Chung. 

The person also referenced that the minister’s congregation was a Korean-American church to gather multi-ethnic individuals. 

A year later, Pastor was blamed for bugging an unknown individual and ventured down after the claimes were hit to his face. 

The person in the video referenced that the Pastor and portion of the congregation members were narcissists.

He mentioned, he was once a supporter of Min Chung. 

Furthermore, before the occurrence, the pastor was dynamic via online media, but he hushes these days on his web-based media stages. 

Where Is Pastor Min Chung Now? 

There is no evident source to prove the current location of Pastor Min Chung. 

As he resigned and left CFC, his name has not been mentioned. 

Before he and his wife, along with their five children, reside in Urbana, IL, there is no source on their present location. 

Pastor Min Chung is also known as one of the youth movement Joshua Generation conference and college movement founders. 

Pastor Min Chung Identity

Pastor Chung holds a Korean-American identity.

He experienced his childhood in America and went to James B. Conant High School.

After that, he was acknowledged at the University of Illinois. 

Chung also studied Biblical Theological Seminary and used to work at Covenant Fellowship Church. 

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