Patrick Cantlay Girlfriend Nikki Guidish

Patrick Cantlay Is Dating Nikki Guidish, Is She A Golfer?

Patrick Cantlay Is Dating Nikki Guidish, Is She A Golfer?

Nikki Guidish is the partner of Patrick Cantlay. She is often pictured supporting her boyfriend in golf matches. 

Nikki’s boyfriend Cantlay is an American professional golf player. He is well-known as the winner of the 2017 and 2021 Memorial Tournament.

Furthermore, his biggest fan is credited as his girlfriend Nikki Guidish. 

Meet Patrick Cantlay Girlfriend Nikki Guidish 

Nikki Guidish is the girlfriend of golf player Patrick Cantlay.

She recently made an appearance with the golfer as he won his second Memorial Tournament.

In fact, Nikki cheered for her boyfriend as he drained a winning par putt of 11-feet.

The couple has been dating for a while now.

However, Nikki and Patrick are not married yet. Nevertheless, Nikki frequently hangs out with the wife of many other golf players.

Her Age: How Old is Nikki Guidish?

Nikki Guidish age seems to be in her late 20s.

We speculate that Guidish is around her boyfriend age who is 29 years old.

However, unlike her golfer lover, Nikki is more academically successful. She is currently working as a pharmacist for Palm Beach Pharmaceuticals.  

Nevertheless, she did play sports during high school. She attended the Gulf Coast High School in Florida, where she used to be a volleyball player. 

Guidish’s height is shorter than her 5 feet and 10 inches tall partner.

She has an amazing body and regularly works out in the gym. In fact, she is also a fitness model. Furthermore, she frequently competes in different muscle contests. 

Discover Her on Instagram

You can follow Nikki Guidish on Instagram as @nikki_guidish.

She boasts more than 9k followers on her IG profile.

However, Nikki doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography to date. 

The pharmacist graduated from the University of South Florida. Likewise, she has experience working for Public Super Market and Publix Pharmacy before. 

Nikki shares a net worth of approximately $17 million with Patrick.

Patrick is the former number 1 amateur golfer in the world. He has won 4 PGA gold tours till now.

Moreover, he recently bagged prize money of $1,674,000 from his Memorial tournament victory alone. 

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