Patrick Feeney Age Wife, Engaged: Who is His Girlfriend?

Patrick Feeney Age Girlfriend: Engagement And Personal Life

Patrick Feeney Age Girlfriend: Engagement And Personal Life

Well-known as a musical artist, Patrick Feeney is best known for his country songs. Here are some of his world-class songs – Red Haired Mary, Lady of Knock, My Own Sligo Home, etc.

He has worked for popular recording labels like Sharpe Music, Connoisseur Records, and CMR Moongate Records. All of his songs are available on his YouTube channel, where he has gained approximately 907 subscribers.

Patrick Feeney Age: How Old Is He?

According to RSVP Live, Patrick Feeney’s current age is already 38 years old.

Furthermore, we have found out that he celebrates his birthday on December 9. This means that he will be reaching 39 years old at the end of this year.

He was just 4 years old when he started to sing. He was inspired by his father and had a strong desire to sing for his local band. In fact, he would even make attempts to play drums when his father used to perform on stage.

Feeney Girlfriend Claire Hegarty: Are They Engaged?

Patrick Feeney recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Claire Hegarty.

They have been a center of attraction after the whirlwind lockdown romance. Now, it seems that Patrick is ready to marry the love of his life in 2022. According to him, she was quite surprised by didn’t even hesitate to say yes. That’s the sign of true love, and may God bless them for that.

Everything To Know About His Future Wife

Patrick Feeney’s future wife, Claire Hegarty, has not been as popular as her husband-to-be.

Even though we can find her on Patrick’s Instagram pictures, she herself can’t be found on any social media. Currently, Claire works at Weherly Bros. At first, he wanted to propose to her on Christmas, but later, he realized that Easter would be the perfect time for them to be engaged.

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