Paul Capsis Partner Age, Wife And Net Worth: Is He Married?

Is Singer Paul Capsis Married? Meet His Partner And Family

Is Singer Paul Capsis Married? Meet His Partner And Family

Is Singer Paul Capsis married? You are wondering about his partner or girlfriend as he revealed he was effeminate since his childhood.

Capsis is an Australian singer and actor. He is most notable for his portrayal of his Cabaret theatre roles. 

Prior to that, he has grabbed dozens of awards and honour to his name including the 2013 Media, Arts and Entertainment Honour Award,  2004 Green Room Award for Best Cabaret Artiste and so on.

Paul Capsis Partner Or Wife: Is He Married?

Paul Capsis partner or wife is yet to come to light.

Well, his marital status is also our matter of concern as he is very reluctant to speak about his dating life.

Being effeminate since high school, he had a crush on the boys. He was also fixated with a beautiful Portuguese girlfriend called Sandra.

He also had obsessions with women teachers and nuns but he did not like men as a child.

Capsis Age Divulged

Paul Capsis is 57 years of age.

Well, the singer was born in the year 1964. But, there’s nothing much about his exact birthday.

Additionally, Capsis belongs to an Australian nationality as he was born in Sydney, Australia. He has Greek and Maltese heritage.

How Much Is His Net Worth As Of Now?

Paul Capsis net worth is speculated more than $100 million.

As an eminent singer and Acting star, Capsis has made a sturdy sum of money through showcasing his exceptional talent. In fact, he made money by Actors niche.

IMDb unfolds that Capsis has more than dozens of Actor credits for “Deep Water”, “The Boy Castaways”, “Love Is Now” and son and also some Soundtrack credits which grossed him millions of dollars.

Is He Gay?

Paul Capsis was bullied for being gay.

As by his teens, he worked out he was gay.

According to SMH, Capsis thought he was female from his childhood, but learned to make do with his version of being male.

Also, he was bullied at school for being effeminate. In his 20s, he also had an experience with a lesbian on a date. It reveals it was fine – great, actually – but he did felt strange and confused.

Moreover, Capsis has already talked about his sexuality in a few of his interviews.



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