Paul Reeves Ross Antony Gay Partner: Are They Married?

Are Paul Reeves And Ross Antony Married? Everything On Their Dating Life

Are Paul Reeves And Ross Antony Married? Everything On Their Dating Life

Paul Reeves is a partner of Ross Antony. Gay partners have become the highlighted topic these days. To learn more about the opera singer continue reading this article.

Paul is a popular opera singer from London. He is mostly recognized for his soundtrack, jazz, orchestral music. Also, he has recorded some of his advertisement’s memorable musical themes.

Moreover, his work includes 40 albums for West One Music Group, including KPM Music. Some of his songs are The Smile of a Child, Dawn Of Life, Ice Dance, and many more.

Many of you might not know, he is also the partner of Ross Antony, a famous musician, singer, and TV presenter. 

Paul Reeves Ross Antony Partner

Paul Reeves and Ross Antony have been together since 2006 as a civil partnership for a year.

No wonder the duo has been spotted together several times in public places and events. They look cute together. 

They ran to bed and breakfast in Wallingford named Little Gables.

There is not any information revealed about Paul’s family in the media. All parents want their children to achieve huge success in their careers. 

Whatsoever, Paul has a fascinating pair of blue-colored eyes. He looks handsome and attractive for sure with his perfect physique.

Are The Gay Partner Married?

Yes, the gay partner Paul Reeves and Ross Antony are married.

In December 2017, they exchanged their vows as they are legally announced, husband and wife.

Undoubtedly, they had a grand wedding ceremony at that time.

In 2014, Antony announced via Facebook that they had adopted a child they have been struggling with for several years.


London-based Paul is highly active on Instagram and Facebook. He has more than three thousand followers so far.

Discussing his net worth, Paul’s actual net worth is under the table now. As per our knowledge, his salary earning might have 6 figures.

He may or may not have a girlfriend in the past since we have no prior evidence in the media.

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