Paulina Matos Age, Edad, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Instagram Bio

Paulina Matos

Paulina Matos

Paulina Matos is an actress who is well known for her acting skills. She is a Mexican actress who is known for her fantastic acting skills. She was born in Jalisco. She has attended many workshops and film courses to enhance her acting skills.

Name Paulina Matos
Birthday August 19, 1991
Age 28 years
Gender Male
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Instagram @paumatos
Twitter @matospau
Facebook @PauMatosOficial

She started her acting career as a professional in 2015 and is continuing it to the date. Not much about the Mexican actress is known as she has not shared much about her. Matos has been part of Television, theaters, and movies as well. To the date, she has been part of many projects where she has shown her talent.

She has thousands of followers on her social media sites and she also runs in the heart of thousand of people. Her biography is available on Wikipedia but there are not many details about her personal life. Some of her works are How do you see I saw myself, The easiest thing is to complicate everything, Juana Ines, Christmas miracles, etc.

10 Facts About Paulina Matos:

  1. Paulina Matos has revealed her date of birth and it is August 19, 1991. This means that her age is 28 years old. 
  2. She has a Wikipedia page under her name and we can find every single piece of information about her there very easily.
  3. We do not believe she has a boyfriend right now as she has not posted any picture related to her love life on the internet.
  4. She is almost all the time active on Instagram and her username is easy to guess – @paumatos.
  5. This 28-year-old is actually an actress who has appeared in some popular movies and television series like Preso No. 1, Te juro que yo no fui, and Dark Desire. 
  6. She is not married yet and has no sign of boyfriend as mentioned earlier.
  7. We do not know much about her parents as well as her other family members.
  8. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Paulina is a Mexican belonging to white ethnicity.
  9. She loves to use Twitter too and she has earned exactly 500 followers there. 
  10. We can also find her on Facebook where she has exactly 1952 followers. 

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