Paxton Smith College And Abortion Speech: Meet Her On Instagram

Paxton Smith Texas Valedictorian Speech Goes Viral: Here’s What She Said

Paxton Smith Texas Valedictorian Speech Goes Viral: Here’s What She Said

Paxton Smith college speech about abortion at the graduation ceremony went viral. She spoke against a controversial abortion law.

Paxton Smith is a Texas Valedictorian at Lake Highlands High School. Smith went viral for scrapping a speech approved by her school administrator and delivered an abortion speech.

May the established leaders find the bravery of this young woman.

Paxton Smith College

Paxton Smith college is  Lake Highlands High School.

Moreover, In a Dallas High School Valedictory speech, the Valedictorian scrapped a speech approved by her school administrators and delivered an abortion rights call in its place.

Everything On Her Abortion Speech

Paxton Smith gave an abortion speech at the graduation ceremony.

A high school valedictorian from Texas talked against the state’s newly signed banning of abortions as early as six weeks after conception.

Smith had submitted an entirely different speech for the commencement ceremony.

The 2021 valedictorian submitted a speech addressing the effect of the media on young minds.

But went to speak fearlessly on Sunday, May 20 about the theft of her right and her classmates by the “heartbeat bill” signed into law by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Videos of her address spread like a wildfire on social media and shared broadly.

Surprisingly, the former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton also tweeted – “This took guts. Thank you for not staying silent, Paxton.”

Meet Her On Instagram

Paxton Smith Instagram is still out of sight.

But, there are several of Paxton Smith hashtags going on Instagram. 

She is extensively appreciated all over Instagram for her speech. It was such a bold and powerful move of Paxton to speak against the law.

Also, we’re not sure of Smith’s TikTok account.

Texas Valedictorian Speech On Reddit 

Paxton Smith Texas Valedictorian speech goes viral on Reddit.

In fact, she is widely appreciated for secretly swapping her pre-approved speech with an unapproved one that protests the state’s abortion law.

Everyone must be so proud of her for what she said during her speech – Well, that needed some gut.

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