Pete Alonso Wife Or Fiance

Who Is Haley Renee Walsh? Is She Married To Pete Alonso?

Who Is Haley Renee Walsh? Is She Married To Pete Alonso?

Pete Alonso and his wife to be Haley Renee Walsh have not announced a wedding date yet. Know more about Pete’s fiance.

Haley is seeking a career in journalism. The former figure skater had worked as an intern for NBC News in Boston.

Is Haley Renee Walsh Pete Alonso Wife or Fiance?

Haley Renee Walsh will be Pete Alonso’s wife soon.

Renee Walsh became Alonso’s fiance when he proposed to her in 2018.

The news about their engagement had surfaced through an Instagram post made by him. The post seems to be deleted by now.

On the other hand, Haley and Pete are set to marry soon. The date of their wedding awaits to be announced publicly. But the MLB fans will soon see the couple tying knots.

Besides, Haley and Pete do not have any children until now.

Meanwhile, Walsh and Alonso have been dating for six years now. The two met each other in their college days. At the time, the baseball champ was playing for the Florida gators.

Pete plays for the New York Mets in MLB at the moment. Recently, he clinched his second straight Home Run Derby on July 12. He defeated Tery Mancini who is the Orioles’ first baseman.

Who is Haley Renee Walsh?

Haley Renee Walsh is a blogger.

Walsh makes blogs on several issues relating to lifestyle and glamour. In addition, she is a former competitive figure skater.

Likewise, Haley is in pursuit of a career in journalism. She had applied for an internship at NBC News in Boston. In fact, she received the opportunity and worked there for a while.

Besides, we could not have our hands on Haley’s net worth details. Her beau Pete makes around $676 thousand per year as a Mets player. The two must be living a lavish life together for sure.

Haley Renee Walsh Age – How Old Is She?

Haley Renee Walsh’s age is 27 years old.

Walsh grew up in Boston, Massachusetts where she was born. Notably, she celebrates her birthday on September 9 each year with her partner and friends.

Likewise, Haley attended Michigan State University aged 18. There she graduated with a major in Political Science.

As of now, Renee Walsh lives in Tampa, Florida with her man Pete.

Find Haley on Instagram

Haley was on Instagram some time ago.

But it seems she is no longer using her Instagram account.

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