Peter Rosalita AGT Age Birthday, Parents And Instagram: Is He Filipino?

Is Peter Rosalita From AGT FIlipino? Meet His Parents

Is Peter Rosalita From AGT FIlipino? Meet His Parents

Young Peter Rosalita wowed the judges in AGT season 16. Know his birthday and more about his Filipino parents right here.

Peter Rosalita is already making his name as the small boy with a big voice. We can see that in his performance in the premiere episode of America Got Talent.

Before entering the international competition, he competed in a number of local competitions in the UAE.

He attended a two-week spring camp at Cadenza Music School in the capital. Afterwards, he was approached to participate in talent competitions among their other pupils, and his parents enrolled him in voice courses.

Peter Rosalita AGT Age Birthday

Peter Rosalita from AGT is 10 years of age. 

His birthdate is not made public yet. However, he was born in the year 2011.

Learn about Peter Rosalita Parents: Is He Filipino?

Peter Rosalita’s family and parents details are not public.

However, it is a known fact that his mom manages all his social media account. 

Born and raised in the UAE’s capital, his family discovered at a young age that he loved watching cartoon videos with musical moments and sang along with them, despite the fact that he couldn’t say the lyrics effectively.

His singing career began when he was six years old, with the goal of receiving a medal.

So, we can say Rosalita comes from Filipino ethnicity. 

Peter Rosalita Instagram Explored

Peter Rosalita is on Instagram as @peter.rosalita.

He has 465 followers and follows 44 people, with only 18 posts he has very little shared on Instagram as well.

But, if you want to know more about this amazing singer you can visit his Instagram to see his AGT performance and also to follow him closely. 

Peter Rosalita AGT audition 2021

Rosalita was featured on the premiere episode of AGT. It aired on June 1, 2021.

And he has been making big-name since then. You can also watch his song on Youtube or his Instagram page.

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