Phoebe Greenberg Net Worth, Husband And Family

Phoebe Greenberg Net Worth And Fortune: Everything To Know About

Phoebe Greenberg Net Worth And Fortune: Everything To Know About

Phoebe Greenberg is an artist and a businesswoman, who is a well-known art and culture figure in Canada. She is the Founder and Director of Phi and DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art.

She has earned credit as a producer and writer for movies such as Next Floor (2008), Incendies (2010), and The Forbidden Room (2015).

Name Phoebe Greenberg
Age 56
Profession Entrepreneur
Parents Irving Greenberg and Shirley Greenberg
Education Jacques Lecoq School

10 Facts On Phoebe Greenberg

  1. Phoebe Greenberg was born and raised in Ottawa Canada and she is 56 years old by age.
  2. She is the daughter of Irving and Shirley Greenberg. Her father was a real-estate businessman and her mother is a lawyer and feminist who helped to establish the first Women’s Centre of Ottawa.
  3. The Greenberg family comes in one of Canada’s richest families with a net worth of $1.57 billion. It consists of her father Irvin, and his brothers Gilbert, Lorry, and Louis Greenberg.
  4. Phoebe pursued her education in Paris, France. She studied arts and culture at Jacques Lecoq School in Paris.
  5. She is inspired by her parents, who dedicated themselves to contributing to the world. Besides, she learned much from her mother’s desire to improve the status of women.
  6. In 2012, she founded Phi Center with the goal of the intersection of art and technology.
  7. It is no longer a secret that she enjoys a net worth of millions. She is one of seven owners of her family-operated Minto Group.
  8. Some of the prominent artists including Mos Def, Marshmallow Laser Fiest, Punchdrunk, Laurie Anderson, David Blaine, and Nick Cave have performed in her Phi Center.
  9. Phoebe sued her former assistant for $15 million in December 2020. Her assistant Sandra Testa reportedly never authorized expensive purchases that include a gold watch delivered by an armored truck.
  10. However, her assistant Sandra has denied the allegations made in the lawsuit and countered with allegations that Phoebe had little control over how her money was spent.

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