Photos: Gerick Parin Wilma Doesnt Engaged

Gerick Parin And Model Wilma Doesnt Are Engaged – Here Are The Pictures

Gerick Parin And Model Wilma Doesnt Are Engaged – Here Are The Pictures

Model Wilma Doesnt boyfriend Gerick Parin proposed to her on the eve of her birthday. The engagement pictures are circulating on the internet.

Wilma received the best gift ever on her birthday as her partner Gerick Parin got on one knee and asked to marry him. She and Gerick have been together for years before the engagement.

She gets engaged to Gerick Parin who is known to be a non-showbiz person.

Gerick Parin And Wilma Doesnt Are Engaged

The actress-model posted a video on Instagram showing her boyfriend Gerick Livelo Parin proposing to her during an outdoor event.

She wrote, “The best birthday gift ever! Happy birthday to me!”

On Instagram, Doesnt uploaded a clip where she appeared to be hosting an event at a resort when Parin suddenly came up to her on stage and showed the engagement ring.

Visibly surprised, it took the actress almost a minute before answering as she did not expect the engagement to happen on her birthday.

“Yes, of course,” she answered while trying to wipe her tears.

On the caption, Doesnt reminded women of the value of patience in love and for not dwelling too much on mistakes from the past.

Wilma advised women to “never give up on love” and how their past mistakes don’t define them.

Further, photos and pictures of their wedding can be found on Wilma’s Instagram account.

Moreover, Wilma has 3 kids from her past relationships, Asiana, Emilia, and Araion.

In 2018, she acknowledged on “Magandang Buhay” that it was not easy to raise three children on her own. Doesnt had her first child, Asiana, when she was at the peak of her career.

Gerick Parin Age – How Old Is The Bridegroom To Be?

Gerick Parin age is not revealed to the public. Looking at his physical appearance, he seems to fall in the age range of 30-45 years old.

Likewise, Gerick nationality is also not revealed to the public.

Gerick Parin Job: How Much Is His Net Worth?

His job details have not been disclosed.

But, we know through many sources that Parin doesn’t belong to the entertainment industry.  Similarly, his net worth figures are not known. He must have a good net worth and lives a good life.

Meet Parin on Instagram

Parin has an Instagram account under the username @gerickparin. So far, he only has 134 followers, and 1 post.

With his only 1 post, he has dedicated himself to sharing posts of his love, and her kids with the caption, “Blendend Happiness.”

We can see more pictures of Gerick through Wilma’s Instagram posts, and the couple looking very happy and fond of one another.

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