Polly Gillespie Age, Plastic Surgery And Children: How Old Is She?

Polly Gillespie Had A Surgery & Her New Face Will Surprise You

Polly Gillespie Had A Surgery & Her New Face Will Surprise You

Shocked by her new appearance, fans are trying to guess Polly Gillespi exact age. Stay with us to find about her botox journey!

Polly Gillespie is New Zealand’s beloved Fm host and author. She is the founder and presenter of The Hits radio station. In addition, Polly is well-known for hosting the ZM radio’s breakfast show along with Grant Kereama. 

Polly Gillespie Age: How Old Is She?

Polly Gillespie age seems around 50s.

Polly is a native of Wellington in New Zealand. Thus, she is a New Zealander by nationality. Moreover, you can discover Polly Gillespie on Instagram as @pollyggillespie with 24.3k followers. 

Polly is the former co-host of the “The Polly and Grant Show.” In the like manner, she was also involved with Rova as the host of the All-Day Breakfast. Furthermore, Gillespie frequently writes columns for the Woman’s Day New Zealand. 

Polly’s Plastic Surgery And Botox: 

In the past, Polly Gillespie denied all the plastic surgery allegations.

However, she did confirm that she performs botox on her face. Likewise, Polly also seems to have put fillers on her lips. 

Gillespie’s botox face photos look unrecognizable. 

Polly states that she doesn’t want to do anything permanent to her face. Nonetheless, she put botox to hide her noticeable forehead wrinkles. Nonetheless, the FM host looks gorgeous despite the over-the-top medical procedures. 

Meet her Children

Polly Gillespie children include Tom, McGregor, and Katherine.

Polly Gillespie’s three children were born to former husband Grant Kereama. Grant and Polly became a married couple from FM co-hosts in 1989. However, the love birds officially decided to part ways in 2016. Now, Grant is married to Lisa Brockelsby.

Polly Gillespie’s net worth yields a handsome fortune as of 2021.

Last year, she left her job to embark on an autobiography journey. Moving into 2021, her debut book titled “The Misadventures of Polly Gillespie” is available in stores. 

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