Pooh Shiesty Green Gown In Jail

What Does Pooh Shiesty Green Gown Mean In Jail? Is He Suicidal?

What Does Pooh Shiesty Green Gown Mean In Jail? Is He Suicidal?

Pooh Shiesty was wearing a green gown in jail. What does green gown mean?

Well, the green gown is typically given to prison inmates with suicidal tendencies. 

Pooh Shiesty, aka Lontrell Dennell Williams, Jr., is an American rapper and singer. He is currently serving in jail due to his connection to 2 different crimes. Furthermore, his recent green gown has sparked a lot of attention.

Pooh Shiesty Green Gown In Jail – What Does It Mean?

Pooh Shiesty was seen wearing a green gown in jail.

The police had recently arrested rapper Pooh Shiesty in relation to a shooting in Diamond Club. During his hearing, Shiesty was wearing a green gown instead of a normal prison attrie.

Pooh Shiesty wearing the Green Gown means he might have suicidal tendencies.

The green grown is also known as Safety smocks. They are actually very common in prison and worn by a number of inmates.

Unlike normal clothes which can be torn and made into ropes, the Green gowns are made up of very bulky material. Each smock is 4.5 pounds heavy and deviod of both collar and sleeve. 

In fact, the atrrie has proven to be extremly safe and can prevent inmates from comitting suicide. 

Is Pooh Shiesty suicidal? 

As Pooh Shiesty was wearing the green robe, he might be suicidal.

All the evidence points out similar reasons. However, it is too soon to assume anything for now. Likewise, the rapper might be wearing the robe for other reasons. 

Sometimes, the robe color may differ in a different prison institution. Yet, the shape and overall appearance of the green gown points out it might be a “Safety Smock”.

Even Twitter users pointed out that Pooh Shiesty might really have suicide tendency. 

Shiesty is going through some rough times right now. He is currently in jail for 2 different crimes. 

Pooh Shiesty Jail Video After Arrest

On June 10, Pooh Shiesty jail video was released for the first time after his arrest.

The rapper stood in court for the 2020 Bay Harbor Shooting case. Similarly, judge Venzer was looking over his case.

As for now, Venzer has denied the bond. Furthermore, Pooh is also supposed to appear in court for the Diamond shooting case soon.

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