Pop Hataway Death – How Did Sheriff Leonard Ray Hataway Die?

Who Is Pop Hataway? Retired Sheriff From Grant Parish Died – Know About Him

Who Is Pop Hataway? Retired Sheriff From Grant Parish Died – Know About Him

Pop Hataway death is a mystery. The actual cause of his death has not been revealed yet.

Leonard Ray Hataway, better known as Pop Hataway was a Democrat who served as the sheriff of his native Grant Parish in north-central Louisiana.

Pop Hataway Death: How Did He Die?

Pop Hataway died at the age of 81 years old.

However, the cause of his death has not been revealed yet, but maybe one reason for his death is his old age.

Moreover, the news of his death is not official, and therefore the news of this death can not be trusted fully.

Also, Wikipedia still has his bio in the present tense, which indicates that this ex-Sherriff has not died yet.

The fact that any sources do not reveal the cause of his death also leads us to think that the news of his death is just a rumor. 

Is Pop Hataway On Wikipedia?

Yes, ex-Sheriff Hataway is featured on Wikipedia.

According to his Wikipedia bio, Pop was born on August 5, 1939, in Grant Parish, Lousiana, USA, where he served as a sheriff.

Moreover, it is known that his father was Alton James Hataway Sr.and his mother was  Edith Simmons, and he was one of the 10 children of his parents.

One of his brothers named Alton James Hataway Jr., was a prisoner of war of the Nazis during World War II who also worked for the United States Forest Services.

Pop was first elected Sheriff at the age of 36 years in 1975, and before that, he had been a deputy to his mentor, Sheriff Joe T. Morgan.

Meet Pop Hataway Wife: His Family

Pop Hataway is married to his wife named Sharon H. Hataway.

Moreover, he also has two children with his wife, and they are named Shana Lynn Delrie and Lance Wesley Hataway.

Talking about his family, all his siblings have already deceased, and Pop is the only one still living amongst all his siblings. 

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