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Nile Niami Wife Net Worth: Who Is He Married To?

Nile Niami Wife Net Worth: Who Is He Married To?

American real-estate developer Nile Naimi and his wife are no longer together. Learn everything about his tumultuous past.

Nile Niami is an American film producer turned real-estate businessman. He is popular for building and selling megamansions for California-based celebrities. Furthermore, he is the developer and current owner of “The One Bel Air”

Meet Nile Niami Wife and Family

Nile Niami’s wife was philanthropist Yvonne Niami once.

The couple was married for nearly 18 years before Yvonne filed for divorce. Eventually, they underwent a sour divorce public in 2017. On the other hand, Nile and Yvonne have two sons together: Brent and Bryce.

Nile Niami is the age of 53 years old. He was born to an economically disadvantaged family in Los Angeles, California. Similarly, Nile was raised by his single mother. Unfortunately, he lost his mother to a house invasion in 2001. 

Nile Net Worth and Salary Details in 2021

Nile Niami’s net worth and salary in 2021 count in millions.

Nile Niami is a film producer and an actor. His notable works include The Watcher (2000), The Survivor (1998), and Point Blank (1988). Moreover, he starred as an actor in movies like DNA and The Other Wise Man.

Now, Nile is a well-established real estate developer in Bel Air. In 2015, he bought a mansion with $9.5 million USD. Moreover, Niami has also launched an app named “Wolfpack.”

The Producer Expensive Bel Air House

Nile Naimi’s Bel Air house is valued at $350 million USD.

Eight years ago, Nile started his most ambitious project, The One Bel-Air. The 100,000 square feet mansion is one of the largest private properties in the USA. Though it was priced at $500 million USD at first, its cost was decreased in 2021.

Previously, Niami sold a $44 million USD luxurious house to a Saudi buyer. Similarly, he also built a home for musician Sean Combs in 2014. Furthermore, he has also built properties in Trousdale Estates and Bird Streets. 

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