Pull Me Out Tiktok Song and Lyrics Explained

James Arthur: Pull Me Out Tiktok Song and Lyrics Explained

James Arthur: Pull Me Out Tiktok Song and Lyrics Explained

James Arthur’s song is being used by many people on their TikTok videos. The song “Pull Me Out” is very soulful and may I say it can actually pull the pain and boredom out of your daily routine. 

James Arthur is an English singer-songwriter who has been known all over the globe for his soulful and melodious songs. his vocals are impeccable and his songs really have been friends to many broken souls. So, why is he being hit on TikTok? Let’s explore how this song has spread across Tiktok.

The legendary singer James Arthur doesn’t need TikTok to be famous and he hasn’t joined TikTok officially yet. However, his song has been used for some TikTok video and it looks like a trend that would catch on. His soulful vocals add so much emotion to the simple kind of videos shot on phone and I am all here for it.


Pull me out 😣 ##fyp##foryoupage##xyzcba##viral##broken##imissyou

♬ original sound – 🙁.

James Arthur Pull Me Out TikTok Videos

James Arthur was known for his chart-topping songs and he’s resurfaced by being hit on TikTok. There are few videos on TikTok that use his song in the background and I have to say, I really like those videos. Yes, sometimes the videos are a bit jittery and amateur but his song gives it a different dimension.


This was fun 💛🥳😂

♬ Pull me out – Aurelie🥑

I mean, it’s just a  video of a girl running but it could make some people emotional. Arthur’s voice has so much emotion that it turns a normal amateur video into something worthy of your time.

There are different parts of the song but as we know Tiktok videos are just 15 seconds long, these videos use the absolute high part of the song.


♬ pull me out . – .

This is the portion that people use on their background videos often because it just gives you goosebumps. People edit the song and make small audio clips that they can use for their videos.

Pull me Out Song Lyrics Explained

The lyrics of “Trainwreck” aka “Pull Me Out” is pretty amazing. It is very painful and sounds like it came right out of a very wounded heart. It might sound like I am truly trying to hype it, but it’s really true. At least that’s what I feel like.

Laying in the silence

Waiting for the sirens

Signs, signs I’m still alive

I don’t wanna lose it

I’m not getting through this.

These first 5 lines immediately portray the hopeless state the singer is in where he is doubting whether he is going to get through his sufferings.

He even asks “How Should I pray? To Myself? To God?”. After a few lines like this, he drops the bombshell lyrics- the lines that people found worthy enough to put on their Tiktok videos:

Pull me out of the train wreck

Pull me out- pull me out- pull me out

Pull me out- pull me out.

These lyrics are all about James wanting someone helping him to get through the tough times he has been facing. It’s a pretty wonderful song about a human being wanting to be helped through hardship. James’s voice really gives these wonderful words depth and meaning.

This is the lyrics video of the song. Watch it if you want to experience the words deeply and get ready to be moved.

Pull Me Out Viral TikTok Trend

In TikTok, James’s song is known as “Pull Me Out Song”. However, it’s official title is “TrainWreck”. The song is from his 2016 album called Back From the Edge.

I have to say these videos haven’t been viewed billions or even millions of times. However, they are sweet videos and it’s because of James’s’ beautiful voice.

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