Queen Naija Mother Father And Sister: Who Are Her Parents?

Queen Naija Mother And Father: Does She Have Any Siblings?

Queen Naija Mother And Father: Does She Have Any Siblings?

Who are Queen Naija mother and father? She had a dramatic war with sister Tina Frost. Fans want to know more about her family background. Continue to know.

Queen Naija is an American singer and Youtuber. She gained popularity as a contestant in the eighth season of American Idol.

She opened her Youtube channel The Royal Family in collaboration with her boyfriend Clarence White. It already has 2.81 million subscribers.

As of now, Naija’s family drama is taking all over the social media platform. She has recently been beefing with her sister Tina Frost on Instagram.

Queen Naija Mother 

Queen Naija’s mother is Reeva Bulls.

Her mother is of African-American descent. She was born and raised by her mother in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Furthermore, Naija was given her name by her mother inspired by her grandmother.

Queen Naija Father

Queen Naija’s father is out of the picture for now.

We only know that her father is from Yemen and was an illegal immigrant. He was deported to Yemen when Naija was only 2 months old.

Queen Naija describes her background as mixed. She has Arabian, African and Italian heritage.

Sometimes she also mentions that her ancestors have an Indian background.

Queen Naija also explains that she is not very close with her dad and says she also has nine more siblings from her dad’s side.

Her Sister: Tina Frost

Queen Naija’s sister Tina Frost is a comedian and Youtuber.

Her Youtube channel name is TNT Squad alongside her partner Tre Bando. The channel is based on vlogging and life update kind of content.

Tina Frost is an active user of Instagram. Her bio says she lives in Detroit and is also active on Snapchat.

Queen Naija and Tina Frost’s recent feud began when Tina began exposing their dirty laundry and family secrets on Instagram.

Their feud started after Tina claimed about not being invited to Naija’s son CJ’s graduation event.

Frosh has also uploaded their recent argument on her Youtube channel and further dished her sister publically. 

Besides Tina, Queen Naija also has a younger brother named Terrel Stewart,





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