Rachel Farnsworth Stay At Home Chef: Husband Age And Wikipedia

Everything On Stay At Home Chef Rachel Farnsworth

Everything On Stay At Home Chef Rachel Farnsworth

Rachel Farnsworth is from the Stay At Home Chef who teaches us to make restaurant recipes at home.

Professionally considered a chef, Rachel Farnsworth has revealed that she learned culinary from the internet, all by staying home. She has now been sharing her videos on the internet for free.

Since June 2016, Rachel has been serving as the CEO of Farnsworth Media LLC. She calls herself an entrepreneur, public speaker, and Facebook Organic Growth Expert.

Everything On Stay At Home Chef Rachel Farnsworth

Rachel Farnsworth has been serving for the past eight years at Stay At Home Chef.

One of her videos recorded in 2017 went viral where she spoke about living life with disabilities. Since then, Stay At Home Chef has been one of the people’s favorites.

You can find the recipes on YouTube as well as on Facebook Watch. Her YouTube channel has grown big, with approximately 882 thousand subscribers.

Her Age Revealed

According to Daily Mail, Rachel Farnsworth’s age in 2016 was 31 years.

This means that in 2021, she is 36 years old. She was just 11 years of age when she started to cook. After failing to bake cookies, her interests grew in culinary. 

Who Is Her Husband?

Rachel Farnsworth’s husband’s name was revealed by KSL TV – Stephen.

The two share an amazing bond, and their married life has produced two children. Currently, she resides with her family in Lehi, Utah, United States.

Furthermore, we have come to know that Rachel has a brain tumor. In addition to that, she also has Addison’s Disease. Despite that, she is happy to call herself a disability advocate and world traveler.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Rachel Farnsworth is not on Wikipedia, but her bio is present on her LinkedIn profile.

We can confirm that she had completed her BS degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development from Brigham Young University

Moving on, Rachel is active on Facebook (4.2 million followers) and Instagram (152 thousand followers).

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