Raffaello Follieri Wife Net Worth And Wikipedia

Raffaello Follieri Wife And Net Worth – Is  Anne Hathaway Ex-Boyfriend Married?

Raffaello Follieri Wife And Net Worth – Is  Anne Hathaway Ex-Boyfriend Married?

Who is Raffaello Follieri wife? The con artist has a net worth in the millions and is living a crime-free life now.

Raffaello Follieri is an Italian businessman. He is known as the ex-boyfriend of Anne Hathaway, with whom he dated from 2004 to 2008.

The Italian property developer is often regarded as a con artist. He had spent more than 4 years in prison for fraud and conspiracy in the year 2008.

However, he currently serves as the CEO at Follieri Oil SA, Follieri Capital Ltd, Follieri Energy Group, and FHoldin UAE. Here are some more details,

Raffaello Follieri Wife: Is He Married?

Raffaello Follieri is happily married to his wife Konstantina Koumouri.

The businessman describes his new life partner as a warm and hearty person. In fact, she has helped him through his rough time in prison.

The couple currently resides in Milan and Athens. They also have a two-year-old son named Pasquale, while are expecting their daughter any day soon.

Koumouri is an American woman, while Follieri has been fighting for years to return to the US. There is very little information about her on the web.

The couple is usually seen on Raffaello Follieri’s Instagram @realraffaellofollieri. Further, the account has amassed more than 6.6 thousand followers.

Raffaello Follieri Net Worth

Raffaello Follieri’s net worth is more than £150 million.

According to Dailymail, his firm Follieri Energy has assets including 162 petrol stations. They are worth more than £150 million as of 2021.

Similarly, Follieri’s parent company, FHolding UAE, with its other subsidiaries, is worth billions as of lately.

Nevertheless, he spends a very rich lifestyle if we check out his photographs.

Raffaello Follieri Wikipedia

Raffaello Follieri’s age is 43 years old and he has no Wikipedia bio.

He was born in the year 1978 and his birthday is on June 28. According to astrology, he belongs to the Cancer sign.

Follieri’s name has been featured in the Vati-Con scandal. He was accused of embezzling a $50 million investment, he received from Ronald Burkle and Ex-President Bill Clinton for churches’ purchase.

It was alleged that he used money from investors to fund his lavish lifestyle. Some of them were also used to buy expensive gifts for Hathaway.

Where Is He Now?

Raffaello Follieri is living a crime-free life now. He is married to the woman of his dream and currently owns a multi-million empire.

Raffaello had a very rough time coming out of prison. He also had to remove his gall bladder and suffered from insomnia. While it was his wife Konstantina, who stood by him and helped him overcome his past.

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