Rami Hawash Gemma Collins Boyfriend Net Worth, Age And Instagram

Who Is Rami Hawash? Meet Gemma Collins Boyfriend On Instagram

Who Is Rami Hawash? Meet Gemma Collins Boyfriend On Instagram

Gemma Collins got back with her ex-fiancé Rami Hawas. She and Rami were engaged but broke up a few years ago. But recently, they both were seen together. 

Who is Rami Hawash? What are his age and net worth? Let’s know everything about Rami Hawash. 

Who is Rami Hawash?

Rami Hawash is Gemma Collin boyfriend and ex-fiancé. 

This couple was in an on-off relationship for several years. They were dating for three years before breaking up in 2014. 

Rami had proposed to Gemma in 2013. They got engaged but unfortunately broke up in 2014. 

They got together in 2017. But soon after some time, they broke up again. 

Now, this couple is seen together enjoying their togetherness. After Gemma split with her boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent, they both got close in this lockdown. 

In April 2021, this couple has been frequently spotted together, kissing and cuddling in public. 

Through various news on the internet, it seems they were secretly dating from 6 months back. 

Rami Hawash is now a father of a three-year-old son. 

Rami Hawash Age

Aper the news presented on The Sun, Rami is now 48 years. 

Rami has an impressive height as well as a well-managed body. 

He looks fit and young in his mid-forties. He is such a handsome guy and is a great match with Gemma. 

Rami Hawash Net Worth

Rami Hawash has not published his net worth yet. 

He is the owner of a car mechanical repair company in Romford, Essex. 

There is no much personal information about him on the internet.

He has a brief appearance in the Towie series 9. With this, we are much sure that he has earned pretty well. 

Rami Hawash Instagram

Rami Hawash seems not much active on Instagram. He has an Instagram account in the name of @rami_hawash_. 

His Instagram account is private. He also has a Twitter account in the name of @Ramtech, but he does not seem much active there. 



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