Ramon Sosa Boxer Wife Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Ethnicity 2019

Ramon Sosa Boxer Wife Wikipedia

Ramon Sosa Boxer Wife Wikipedia

Ramon Sosa is a boxer, gym trainer, and a boxing coach. He has also appeared in a lot of documentaries in channels like ID, ABC, BBC, and CNN. Also an author, he has written a book “I Walked on My Own Grave” which is based on his real-life crime story. 

Ramon Sosa did literally walked on his own grave. He is the survivor of a Murder-For-Hire plotted by his wife. Ramon knew about his differences with his wife and had an idea that she was going to kill him. Hence, he made a plan with the investigators and faked his own death. The Houston native applied makeup and lied on the grave just to make her believe that he was dead so that his wife could be arrested. Hence, his story has recently made into the CBS crime documentary, 48 Hours. 

Name Ramon Sosa
Age 53
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Nationality American
Profession Boxing Coach
Married/Single Divorced
Twitter @rsosa67

10 Facts on Ramon Sosa

  1. Ramon Sosa is a boxer, gym owner, and a coach. He is known for faking death and surviving the plot of Murder-for-Hire. 
  2. Moreover, Ramon has worked as a professional boxing coach in one of the institutions in Texas. 
  3. It was his wife who planned his murder by hiring a hitman. However, he knew about it and worked with the investigators to arrest her. 
  4. However, Ramon doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography and there’s not much info known about him. 
  5. His net worth and financial details are not disclosed yet. 
  6. Moreover, he comes from an African American ethnicity. He is currently residing in Houston, Texas.
  7.  His ex-wife, Maria Sosa is also known as Lulu Sosa. They have a daughter called Mia Sosa. 
  8. Besides, Ramon is also an author. He wrote, “I Walked on My Own Grave” based on his real story. 
  9. Ramon Sosa has a twitter handle that he uses very rarely. 
  10. You can find his wiki and details easily as there are several articles written about him on Heavy, The Sun, Independent, and so on. 

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