Rana Abdelhamid Husband Religion, Wikipedia And Family Details

Who Are Rana Abdelhamid Parents? Family Background Explored

Who Are Rana Abdelhamid Parents? Family Background Explored

Rana Abdelhamid is an activist turned politician. Here is everything about her husband and religion. 

Democrat-backed activist, Rana Abdelhamid has challenged Carolyn Maloney for New York’s 12th Congressional District. The latter has been in Congress since 1993 holding the fort for more than 27 years. 

Rana Abdelhamid Husband: Who is She Married to?

Rana Abdelhamid has not talked anything about her husband or being married. 

It is not a surprise as the activist prefers to keep her family out of the spotlight. However, she loves to talk about her parents and how they have inspired her to do the right thing for her community. 

She was born to Abdelrazek Abdelhamid and Mona Elboghdadi. Also, she has three siblings. 

Rana Abdelhamid Religion and Ethnicity

Rana Abdelhamid comes from the Islamic religion and African ethnicity,

An immigrate of Egypt, Rana is a role model for all Muslim women in the world. She once told a story about how a man tried to get rid of her hijab when she was 15. It motivated her to fight for her religion and values. 

As of now, she teaches self-defense to other Muslim girls and women like herself. Abdelhamid has had quite an influential life, especially being based in New York City. 

Regarding her excellent work for the community, the Democratic political party has welcomed her with open arms. She will be challenging the New York congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney in the upcoming 2022 elections. 

Rana Abdelhamid Wikipedia: Get to know the activist

Rana Abdelhamid has a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography which is not a wonder. 

 A fighter since childhood, she learned karate when she was young. The politician holds Black Belt in Tai Chi karate. 

Rana Abdelhamid came into the limelight in 2014 when she started a social media campaign called “Hijabis of New York.” The project focused on the well-being of Muslim women in New York. It was meant for humanizing and diversifying the women who wear hijabs. 

Her net worth, however, is yet to surface. 

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