Ranvir Singh’s Husband Age, Wiki, Net Worth

Who is Ranvir Singh’s Husband? 10 Facts Including Her Age,  Net Worth

Who is Ranvir Singh’s Husband? 10 Facts Including Her Age,  Net Worth

Ranjeet Singh Dehal was the husband of the Good Morning Presenter of Britain. The coupled were married to each other. Ranvir Singh mentioned that she is no longer with his husband Ranjeet Singh Dahal.  She mentioned that she found something on his husband’s phone.

Ranvir Singh while discussing with the co-host Ben, started talking about Ranjeet Singh Dehal. And when Ben asked whether it is necessary to check your partner’s phone she pulled her face and answers directly that ” when such a situation is created just remember that you don’t trust anymore”.

She sadly announced that she is single now. Everyone thinks that Ranjeet Singh Dehal had done something wrong.

Name Ranvir Singh
Age 30-35
Gender female
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Profession Good Morning Presenter
Married/Single Single
Husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal
Children Tushan
Divorce Yes

10 Facts on Ranjeet Singh Dehal:

  1. Ranjeet Singh Dehal is the husband of Good Morning presenter of Britain(GMB) who has a huge audience listening.
  2. Ranjeet Singh and Ranveer Singh are no longer together with each other, they have already split. Ranjeet Singh Dehal might be responsible for this.
  3. The coupled has a son who was born in 2012. His name is Tushan, he is 8 years old now.
  4. We are unknown about the age of Ranjeet Singh Dehal as he has never mentioned about his personal life.
  5. Information related to Ranjeet Singh is unknown. But Ranvir Singh is living with her son in Chilterns.
  6. They have never revealed their net worth and have not mentioned their salary too but Ranvir seems to earn a lot.
  7. Ranjeet Singh Dehal might be in his late thirties but we are unknowns about Ranvir Singh’s age.
  8. Ranvir once mentioned that they are going to adopt a pet and named it pooch Shmizzles.
  9. The couple got married at Preston, United Kingdom but now they have parted.
  10. Both of them don’t seem to use social sites a lot but their information is available on other sites.

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