Real Name, Girlfriend And Arrest Details

Popularmmos Arrest Details: What Happened To Patrick Thomas Julianelle Brown?

Popularmmos Arrest Details: What Happened To Patrick Thomas Julianelle Brown?

Why was Popularmmos arrested? The Youtube content creator is reportedly arrested at the end of the weekend. Get to know his real name and girlfriend. 

Popularmmos is a famous Youtuber who is best known for his popular Minecraft gameplay videos. Playing and Streaming the game for the past 9 years, she has amassed millions of followers on Youtube. 

However, Popularmmos’s arrest has become quite a talking point on social media recently. We all know how toxic such events can be in a life of a social media influencer. 

Why was Popularmmos Arrested? His arrest details to know

Popularmmos was arrested because of domestic violence, sources confirm. 

It has come to light the Youtube content creator allegedly caused bodily harm to a woman. The rumors are spreading quickly. 

However, we are yet to confirm those rumors. And neither are we able to know the identity of the woman he allegedly abused. 

The details about Popularmmos’s arrest will be updated as soon as possible. The Youtuber has taken to Twitter to deny such allegations where he slams his ex-girlfriends for the infamous publicity. 

Popularmmos Real Name And Age: How old?

Popularmmos’s real name is Patrick Thomas Julianelle Brown. 

However, he is best known for his stage name, Popularmmos on social media platforms. 

Speaking of, Popularmmos has amassed over 17 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Having created his Youtube channel in 2012, he uplaods videos of the gameplay of Minecraft. 

Moreover, he has billions of views in total as well. You can find his Youtube channel here. 

Popularmmos is currently 32 years old. He celebrates his birthday on November 22 every year and his star sign is Sagittarius.


Popularmmos Girlfriend: Who is he dating?

Popularmmos is in a relationship with Liz. 

It hasn’t been long since Popularmmos and his girlfriend, Liz has been dating each other. Prior to that, he was dating Jen who is also a streamer and content creator. 


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