Reddit: Tommy Kono Wife And Family

Google Doodle Weightlifter Tommy Kono – Where Are His Wife And Family?

Google Doodle Weightlifter Tommy Kono – Where Are His Wife And Family?

Tommy Kono wife is proud of him after Google Doodle honored him recently. Please continue reading to know about his family and children.

Professionally, Tommy, aka Tamio, was a weightlifter. During World War II, he spent few years in an internment camp forcefully.

Three years later, he went on to win a gold medal at Olympics. To honor his strength of achievements, Google depicted an animated doodle of the clean and jerk.

Who Is Tommy Kono Wife?

Tommy Kono was married to his wife, Florence.

Reportedly, the couples had tied the knot in 1962. As far as we know, Tommy’s wife was always supportive of him.

However, we do not have enough details about his love life. Before his death, he used to live with his partner in Sacramento, California.

His Family Life Explored

Tommy Kono’s family was sent to Tule Lake in an incarceration camp in 1942.

Reportedly, they had to wave goodbye to their home. Well, he was of Japanese descent.

However, he represented the United States in the Olympics. The Japanese-American was born to Kanichi Kono and Ishimi Kono.

Moreover, both his mother and father used to work in California Packing Company. According to Wikipedia, he was June 27, 1930, and was 85 years old when he died.

Where Are His Children?

Tommy and Florence Kono had three children.

Among them, one is a daughter while two are sons. They are Joann, Jamieson, and Mark.

Talking about the present, he is survived by his three grandchildren. However, we have no idea about the names right now.

Meet Him On Reddit

Tommy Kono’s video lectures can be found on Reddit.

From the site, we have come to know that he won the Mr. Universe title twice. After his weightlifting career, he became a coach.

His Old Pictures Unveiled

Tommy Kono’s old pictures are available on Google’s Art and Culture.

Moreover, we can find his entire story there. Even today, he is known for his incredible old records.

Reportedly, he had set world records in four weight classes. Most probably, all of them have been broken by now.

His Death Cause Revealed

Tommy Kono’s cause of death was liver disease.

Reportedly, he breathes for the last time in Honolulu, Hawaii. Even though he is no more, he will always remain a vital part of US weightlifting.

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