Regis Philbin Died At The Age of 88

Regis Philbin Died At The Age of 88 – Death Cause, and Family Facts

Regis Philbin Died At The Age of 88 – Death Cause, and Family Facts

The legendary media personality and famous TV host, Mr. Regis Philbin has died on July 24, 2020, at the age of 88. Apart from hosting game shows and talk shows, he was an actor and a singer too.

The demise of Philbin has saddened all his fans including many celebrities. His gigs, jokes, and an incredibly great sense of humor used to brighten up our day through the programs he used to appear in. The most hardworking man on television who earned millions of admirers during his 60 years of career is no more with us. Here everything you need to know about this legendary TV host, Regin Philbin.

Regis Philbin was just one month shy of turning 89 years old

Born on August 25, 1931, in Bronx New York, the famous TV host Regis Philbin died at the age of 88 years old on July 24, 2020.

Cause of Death: He died of natural causes

As funny and happy Regis appeared, his health conditions were in a declining state for a long time. Regis had suffered from heart diseases and gone through many surgeries also. In 1993, he had an Angioplasty. In 2007, he underwent triple bypass surgery because of the plague in his arteries. But he came back to host the TV shows after just one month of his successful surgery.

Furthermore, he also had hip replacement surgery in 2009. He again returned to his hosting profession after just a month of rest. In the year 2010 also, he had undergone another surgery which was to remove a blood clot from his calf. The very next day, he came back to work. As much as Regis denied rest and to take care of himself, he had a health decline for a long time. He finally took his last breath in July 2020 and died of heart conditions.

Regis was the most hardworking man of the Entertainment Industry

As mentioned prior, Regis did not even take enough rest after undergoing major surgeries. He was the star of the morning shows, game shows, and many more. He was also the actor in sitcoms. He had released several musical albums also. He definitely was the most hardworking person in his line of work. His close friend, President Donald Trump has also given his condolences to the grieved family.

He has set the Guinness World Record for most hours on the US Television

Regis Philbin’s hard work and dedication to show business had definitely paid off. He had set the broadcast record for the most hours on the US Television in 2004. He has set a record of more than 17000 hours on TV during his 60 years of career.

He began his career as a review writer on the “Tonight Show” in 1955.

Regis, a Notre Dame alumni, got into the show business in 1995 after he got his first break by writing reviews of the newscast on the Tonight show. After moving to California, he had his own TV show called The Regis Philbin Show in 1964. He had no writing staff due to financial reasons so he used to interact and talk with the audiences, which is now called a host-chat style. 

Regis has been in Television career for more than 60 years

After his show, he worked as a sidekick host in “The Joey Bishop Show” in 1961. He then hosted successfully in “A.M Los Angeles” in 1975 for seven years. Philbin started hosting the morning show “Temp”He also hosted game shows The Neighbors” and reporting for Almost Anything Goes”

He later joined the talk showLive! With Regis and Kelly” in 1988 and gained worldwide popularity.

He has also hosted “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. He has also been the host of the 1st season of “America’s Got Talent”. 

Apart from TV, he has also written two autobiographies “I’m Only One Man!” and “Who Wants To Be Me?”. He was also a singer and released songs namely, “Its time for Regis”, “When you are Smiling“, “Philbin Christmas album“, and many more.

Regis Philbin Wife: He had been married twice

Regis Philbin was married to Catherine Kay Faylen in 1955 and had been together for 13 years. They had two children, Amy and Daniel. Later in 1970, he married an Interior decorator, Joy Senese.

He has two daughters with Joe, namely Joanna and Jennifer. His family and friends are very grateful for the love and support by the admirers and fans for his 60 years of career and they have asked for privacy during this time of mourn and sadness.

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