Release Date, and Host Explained

100 Days Wild Discovery TV Show Cast: Release Date, and Host Explained

100 Days Wild Discovery TV Show Cast: Release Date, and Host Explained

100 Days Wild Discovery TV Show is a new reality series coming on your Television where seven complete strangers sacrifice their comfortable life at home to sustain in this life-threatening and challenging environment of the Alaskan wilderness.

Can you imagine giving up everything about your life and go to live far away into the wild with complete strangers and try to work together with them in order to establish a self-sustaining colony while preparing for the harsh winter that is bound to come? Well, that’s what this show is all about. 

With many other thrilling and mesmerizing survival shows like Naked and Afraid, Naked and Afraid XL, Man Vs. Wild, Alone in the Wild, Survivor Man, The Colony, and many more, this new series is also going to test the survivalist capacity of adventurous people.

Here is everything we know about this upcoming series that is going to be premiered on your Television soon.

‘100 Days Wild’ Release Date

100 Days Wild is set to be premiered on the Discovery channel starting from Friday, 21 August 2020, at 9 PM EST.

‘100 Days Wild’ Trailer

If you have not seen the trailer of this upcoming survivor show 100 Days Wild yet, then here you go.

‘100 Days Wild’ Plot

The official synopsis by Discovery states, “Seven strangers are giving up the comforts of the modern world in an attempt to build a self-sustaining community in the Alaskan wilderness in 100 Days Wild”. 

The series follows a small group of seven people looking to establish a new life in Alaska’s Tanana Valley which is 200 miles far from the modern civilization.

These seven people are complete strangers to each other but are strong enough to forge a self-sustaining colony for themselves. However, they would need each other’s help and support to work together for hunting, gathering, and building shelter before the brutal arctic winter arrives.

They have to spend together and survive by building four winterproof outposts in that river valley and gather enough food and resources before the temperature plunges to the freezing point because the inevitable harsh winter is coming.

The series shows their struggle to build shelter, prepare for, and survive the winter together all within 100 days.

‘100 Days Wild’ Cast

There are seven members in the show. Two of them are Jennifer and Andrew, the founders of civilization in the Tanana Valley who have spent five years looking for other members that can help them to forge a self-sustainable colony in that valley. 

They know that with the addition of new people comes the vital energy and skillsets to the table, however, these founders have their own expectations and rules of how to survive in this harsh environment.

Enter five strong and independent pioneers Adam, Christine, Evan, Gerrid, and Oliver. They have come to live off their dream life by getting off the grid and living a life in the wilderness on their terms.

According to Discovery, the established leaders are not evident more but everyone is equal. It is those egalitarian ideals and rules that is going to be tested by human nature and the harsh environment of Alaska. There sure would be new friendship borne, new relationship borne, or clash in the personalities. 

Only the show can reveal how these seven cast members work together and play to win the same game.

‘100 days Wild’ Creators 

This new survivalist series is brought to you by the New York-based Talos Films. The executive producers are Julian P Hobbs, Elli Hakami, and Peter Goetz.  For Discovery, the associate producer is Jessica Mollo, and the executive producer is Naked and Afraid‘s Michael Gara, the primetime Emmy nominated producer for the best-unstructured reality program. 

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