Release Date and Plot Explained

Transplant NBC Medical Drama Cast: Release Date and Plot Explained

Transplant NBC Medical Drama Cast: Release Date and Plot Explained

The Hit Canadian medical drama ‘Transplant’ is set to be debuted for the international broadcast on NBC this September. 

“Transplant” is a famous Canadian medical drama that was aired on Canadian Television Network from February to May 2020. The series was so critically acclaimed and widely praised that it was announced in June 2020, that the show will be renewed for the second season.

Much like other numerous medical dramas, the series moves with a fully hectic life of doctors and medical team, and then the pace kind of stops for some heartwarming moments and romance obviously. But this drama is a little unique than others because of its Canadian twists and having some articulation about immigration issues and experiences faced by refugees in their career. 

The international broadcasting rights for this popular Canadian series “Transplant” was acquired by NBC in May 2020, and now it has been official that the series will be premiered in September 2020.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming medical drama on NBC, Transplant.

Transplant NBC Medical Drama: Release Date

“Transplant” was already released on Canadian Television Network on 26th February 2020. The show ended with its 13th episode on May 27, 2020.

As for worldwide viewers, Transplant medical drama is set to be premiered on 1st September 2020 on NBC on the established time slot for medical drama i.e. 10 PM EST. The new episodes will be premiered on a weekly basis.

Transplant NBC Trailer

You may watch the official trailer for the season one of the Canadian Medical drama ‘Transplant’ below.

Transplant NBC Plot

Transplant is a medical drama that revolves around the story of an ER specialist, Bashir Hamed (Bash).

Bash is a doctor from Syria who immigrated to Canada during the Syrian Civil war as a refugee. With difficulties faced to get a doctor’s job due to lack of recognition of his foreign credentials, he is now rebuilding his career in York Memorial Hospital in Toronto, Canada by starting off as a medical resident in the emergency department.

His skillful talent as a crisis doctor and the friendship, relationships, and bond with other medical staff of the hospital is shown in this emotional, comedy, family drama.

Transplant NBC Cast

The major cast of Transplant are listed below:

  • Hamza Haq As Bashir Hamed
  • Laurence Leboeuf As Magalie Leblanc
  • Jim Watson As Theo Hunter
  • John Hannah As Jed Bishop
  • Sirena Gulamgaus As Amira Hamed
  • Ayisha Issa As June Curtis

The other recurring cast members are Jay Chevery, Fayçal Azzouz, Charlotte Legault, Linda E. Smith, Torri Higginson, Kenny Wong, Sugith Varughese, Grace Lynn, Mariah Inger, Eddie G., Rebecca Amzallag, and many more.

Hamza Haq as Bashir Hamed

The lead role of the Bashir Hamed is portrayed by the Hamza Haq. Hamza himself is a Canadian immigrant from Saudi Arabia. However, his parents are from Pakistan.

This Canadian actor is popular for his role in other famous Television dramas like “The Indian Detective” and “This Life”. He has also received several nominations for his role in the series “The Life”. However, his major breakthrough is through his lead role in this medical series “Transplant”.

Laurence Leboeuf As Magalie Leblanc

Laurence Leboeuf plays the role of Dr. Magalie Leblanc who is a driven medical resident. She has her own health and personal issues and is struggling to stay on top of in the high-stress crisis atmosphere of the emergency room of the hospital.

Laurence is a 34 years old popular Canadian actress who is known for movie roles in “Turbo Kid” and “19-2”. She is also known from other Television series like “Street Legal”, “En Tout Cas”, “15/Love”, and many more.

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