Release Date, Cast, and Reviews

Southern Survival Netflix Season 1: Release Date, Cast, and Reviews
Southern Survival Netflix Season 1: Release Date, Cast, and Reviews

Southern Survival is a new Netflix show that is injecting a huge dose of Southern charm into the streaming platform. With a format similar to that of Mythbusters, the brand-new show aims to give the audience a look into Southern life while focusing on testing survival gear. 

The team from BattlBox, a subscription company that provides customers with survival boxes, will be testing out other survival gadgets. The tagline of the show reads ‘Outdoor Gear. Tested.’

Release Date

Netflix’s Southern Survival was released globally on 3rd July 2020. The first season has 8 episodes. The episode length ranging from 25 minutes to 32 minutes.

Summary: Episode By Episode Rundown

The first episode of the show tested gadgets and products that light fire. As per the show, the chances of survival are greatly increased when a fire is created. 

In the premiere episode, the BattlBox crew test out unextinguishable matches, fireproof clothing, ladders, etc.

The next episode, the 2nd one, gives the group a situation where a car is trapped underwater. The episode is titled ‘Escape‘, and the team experiments with gadgets that are advertised as helping people escape from a car trapped beneath water. 

Similarly, they take the action up a notch as they try to a ‘rescue mission’. One of the cast members, Daniel rakes his team into the wilderness as they try to rescue an injured mannequin. 

The 4th episode, appropriately titled Cutting Edges, takes testing knives to a new level. Steve gets busy testing high-temperature flames while Daniel and Mikki create and forge a new blend. 

Continuing with survival situations, the team consisting of Daniel, Brandon, Mikki among others must face their fears which included snakes, drowning, and more, in the 5th episode.  

Nature helps, or rather doesn’t in the 6th chapter of the 1st season, when there is a real hurricane on the way and the team must weather the storm. They must find the best gear to try and survive the real hurricane. 

Vacation Survival‘ is the title of the 7th chapter of Southern Survival, and takes the crew to a vacation destination where they will try out equipment to survive a ‘desert island’ situation.

The closing episode of the first season tackles disasters and various equipment designed to help people survive natural disasters like earthquakes, avalanches, and mudslides.

Southern Survival Netflix Season 1 Cast 

The reality TV show features the BattlBox crew which consists of  Daniel Dabbs, Brandon, Mikki, Steve, among others. 

Dabbs is the founder and CEO of BattlBox, and one of the central cast members on the show.

BattlBox is a company that provides survival and outdoor gear right to the doorstep of their customers. The subscription is monthly and the company’s tagline is ‘ADVENTURE. DELIVERED.’

Trailer And Teasers 

Netflix launched Southern Survival’s trailer on 24 June 2020, the trailer has gathered over 65 thousand views as of July 3, 2020

Filming Location

The whole show is titled “Southern Survival”, and obviously the show is shot in the South. 

Filming of the show took place in Bulloch County, Georgia, USA. News portal WTOC has covered the filming and the set extensively.

Rating And Reception 

The show came out just a day before July 4th, a day celebrated by Americans as their independence day.

Due to the timing and the content of the show, the series has gathered rave reviews. In addition to this, the show has also been loved by audiences. 

Official ratings for the show are yet to come out as of July 3rd, 2020.

The website ReadySteadyCut has reviewed the show and rated it 3.5/5. They say that the show is ‘for those who like the outdoors’

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