Religion and Cause of Death Revealed

Sardool Sikander Wife Age: Religion and Cause of Death Revealed

Sardool Sikander Wife Age: Religion and Cause of Death Revealed

Sardool Sikander wife Amar Noorie is an Indian singer and actress who is known for her works in Punjabi movies.

Sardool is a popular Punjabi folk and pop singer who introduced himself in Punjabi music through his debut album, Roadways Di Laari. He has also made his acting skills felt in films such as Police in Pollywood, Panchayat, Jaggu Daku, etc.

The well-liked Punjabi talent passed away on 24 February 2021. What was the cause of his death? To know the answer, scroll down the article and find out for yourself.

Sardool Sikander Age And Religion

Sardool Sikander age was 60 years old at the time of his death. He was born on 15 January 1961 at Kheri Naudh Singh, Punjab, India.

Sikander is the son of the famous Punjabi Tabla player, Sagar Mastana. The family of Sardool follows a strict Sikh religion. His short Wikipedia can be also found on Google.

His Cause Of Death Revealed

Sardool Sikander’s official cause of death was revealed to be the complications suffered from CO VID 19.

At only 60, Sardool died on 24 February 2021 while undergoing treatment for several medical problems such as kidney failure, diabetes, and damage of multi organs in Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

He was survived by his lovely and ever-loving wife, Amar Noorie, and two sons.

Sardool Sikander Career

Sardool Sikander was from the  Patiala Gharana of music. The highly versatile singer had in excess of 27 music albums to his credit. His works have found themselves to be added to the 50 derivative albums from all over the globe.

However, his musical album titled, Husna De Malko which was released in the year 1991 shot into the limelight. After the success of the album, he became a household name in Punjab. The album sold more than 5 million copies worldwide and still, its demand has not lessened in all these years.


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