Remington Payne And Jackson Payne

Remington Payne And Jackson Payne – Nichole Payne Children Now

Remington Payne And Jackson Payne – Nichole Payne Children Now

Where Are Remington Payne And Jackson Payne Now? Nichole Payne’s children told their part of the famous murder story in Dateline. 

In December 2007, Nichole Payne lost her life. However, her death remained a mystery for decades. Finally, her two children have come forward to reveal the truth. Reportedly, the siblings had seen everything that happened to their beloved mother and brother.

Remington Payne Now: Nichole Payne Daughter

Remington Payne is one of the three children of Nichole Payne.

Reportedly, she was very young when her mother passed away. But, when she listens to the stories of her mother, she is mesmerized.

Even after 14 years of her death, Remington is assured that her mother was a wonderful person. According to her, Nichole had a huge smile on her face all the time.

Moreover, she says that her mother had an extraordinary personality. Even today, she is excited to see her mother in pictures.

Recently, Remington revealed that she had seen everything that happened to her mother. Furthermore, she believes that everybody should listen to her story.

Nichole Payne Son Jackson Payne – Where Is He Today?

Jackson Payne is the second son of Nichole Payne.

Reportedly, Remington and Jackson lost a brother the same night they lost their mother. His name was Taylor.

According to Wood County Monitor, Taylor was Nichole’s son from a previous marriage. Thus, huge speculations are suggesting that Jackson’s father, Jason Thad Payne, had killed Nichole.

However, KFOR has recently claimed that the second investigation has an unexpected new arrest. So, we are not convinced that Jason had killed his wife.

Like Remington, Nichole had also seen what happened to his mother and brother. According to his recent interview, he revealed two sides to his mother’s murder story.

Payne Children And Dateline Story Details

Now, Nichole Payne’s two children are sharing their story in Dateline.

Their episode is set to feature on the television show on July 9, 2021. Indeed, the episode is set to unveil the mystery of Nichole and Taylor’s death.

Truly inspirational lady, Nichole had to lose her life at the age of 35 years. Her funeral was conducted at the Lowe Funeral Home Chapel.

Moreover, she had a business named Wings of Love, where she released doves at weddings and funerals. The poignant flight of all the doves came at her funeral in 2007.

Even after 14 years, Nichole’s family is devasted by her news. Finally, her beloved children have taken a step forward to reveal everything about their mother’s death.

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