Rice Purity Test Score Meaning Explained, What Does The Trend Actually Mean?

TikTok: Rice Purity Test Score Meaning Explained, What Does The Trend Actually Mean?

TikTok: Rice Purity Test Score Meaning Explained, What Does The Trend Actually Mean?

If you’re eager to know about Rice Purity Test Score which is taking over TikTok recently. And what does the trend actually mean, here’ something interesting that you can find out reading the following information?

Who created the Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test is a sample of a 100-questions survey that was originated from Rice University. Generally, it was created in order to test the maturity of the University’s students and to help them build relationships based on their experiences.

Originally, Rice Purity Test was created in 1924, and initially, it was only to survey women. Since then, there is the availability of several versions including many modern questions. 

Rice Purity Test Meaning Explained

 Basically, it is a self-graded survey that evaluates any participants in the degree of innocence often in world matters like drugs, alcohol, sex, law, and other different kinds of naughty activities.

In fact, this test begins with the most innocent questions like held romantically, been on a date, and then progresses to dirtier and vulnerable questions like paid for a sexual act, pregnancy scare, and others.


What Does The Trend Actually Mean?

Most importantly, this trend is going on the TikTok platform and taking over it at a glance. Everyone is getting fancier with this trend across the globe. And, we may have already seen many TikTok videos on Rice Purity Test, showing their innocence as all as their vulnerability.

In addition to that, we all are avid fans of TikTok videos and those new trends on them. However, the Rice Purity Test seems normal and fun nowadays with these on-going trends. We all can see many TikTok compilations in the below videos as seen on TikTok.

Where can I take the Rice Purity Test?

Well, you all can take the most popular and latest version of the Rice Purity Test on the official website of Rice Purity Test, www.ricepuritytest.com.

The most interesting part of this experiment would be to take the test at the beginning of your freshman year in any college and then at the end of your senior years, to find out how much you have matured.  

Rice Purity Test Score Explained

Further, this test gives you your exact result of the degree of innocence as already mentioned earlier in the form of a number, basically, it ranges between 1 to 100.  Additionally, the higher your numeric score, the more innocent you are considered to be. Let’s discuss a sample to help you analyze your Rice Purity Score in-depth:

Between 100 and 98:

Basically, this score means you’re most effective in terms of innocence as the higher the score most innocent you’re considered to be. However, this score seems to be difficult over the age of 18.

Between 97 and 94:

In this score, you’re still considered innocent but less than the previous. However, this score seems pretty pure including getting the first kiss or held someone’s hand but no much further than that.

Between 93 and 77:

With this score, you’re considered as an averagely pure person. In contrast, you’ve french kissed before but not much below the mark.

Between 76 and 45:

Getting this score signifies you might have a good share of alcohol, drugs as well as sexual experiences.

Between 44 and 9:

This score seems certain below average. A person falling in this score may have been to jail or used hard drugs.

Between 9 and 0:

Basically, this score means you’re most effective in terms of vulnerability and wild stuff. However, this score seems to be general in adulthood. 


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