Richard Pusey Reddit Charges: Wife, Parents And Brother

Who Is Richard Pusey? What Does He Do For Living? His Job And Family Background

Who Is Richard Pusey? What Does He Do For Living? His Job And Family Background

Following the recent headlines of Richard Pusey detention,everyone is curious about his job and family.

Richard Pusey is an Australian mortgage broker who is known for his heartlessness and soulless.

What actually happened was, a huge truck crashed a police vehicle and his Porsche while he was out. 4 police officers were dying on the road and all Richard did was made a video instead of helping the officers.

So, he is also regarded as Australia’s most hated man.

Richard Pusey Charges: Why Was He Arrested?

Richard Pusey,42 have been arrested on 28th April 2021 for various charges.

The matter on Pusey was also covered in the Reddit platform.

Mr. Pusey is charged with outraging public decency as he had filmed a dying police office after Eastern Freeway Crash, last year.

After the accusations, the broker was working back and forth in court for a nearly year. However, as of now, he has been proven guilty and has been imprisoned for 10 months in Victoria’s country court.

His Job Explored

Richard Pusey’s job is to work as a mortgage broker.

However, previously he was a male nurse. His ex-girlfriend, Bonnie Wang claimed that in order to make more money and have a luxurious life, he left his nurse job and became a broker.

His Parents And Brother 

Mr. Pusey was born to his parents in Australia.

Not much is known about his parents and other family details.

However, as per the source, in 2008, Richard had to deal with the tragic loss of his beloved brother due to cancer.

Since then he has been heartbroken and tough.

Who Is Pusey Wife?

Richard Pusey is married to his wife Anh Troung.

Not much information is revealed about the Porsche driver’s wife, however, we assume the couple was married for some time now.

Anh has been supportive of her husband since day one. In fact, she was the only supporter of Richard in the court.

According to news portals, Richard was abusive towards his wife. He was also on the headlines last year after he put a noose around his wife’s neck and threatened to kill her.



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