Rita Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot

Rita Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot – Season 6 Renewed Or Cancelled?

Rita Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot – Season 6 Renewed Or Cancelled?

Danish comedy series Rita (Netflix) is a blockbuster that shattered expectations and got a lot of critical acclaim for the 5 seasons it was on the air. The series focused on an unconventional teacher, Rita,  who has her own form way of teaching. 

Her character’s traits are the main comic point of the show and much of the situational humor is reliant on her. Netflix produced the show and was responsible for most of the show’s elements. 

It ran for 5 seasons and was one of the most popular shows in Denmark and stood out from the already saturated genre of comedy-drama on Netflix. 

Is Rita Season 6 Renewed Or Cancelled On Netflix?

According to this source, the series has been canceled and won’t air the 6th season. 

The show has, unlike many others, a huge gap between the seasons, as a matter of fact, season 4 came out in August 2017 and season 5 was aired in June 2020. 

Due to this, fans were hopeful they would renew it but it was canceled. 

Rita Netflix Release Date

The 5th and final season of the show aired on 1 June 2020 and finished on 20 July 2020. 

Prior to this, the first episode of the show series aired on 9 February 2012. 

Rita Netflix Cast

Out of the huge number of people that actually appear on-screen, these are the main cast:

  1. Mille Dinesen
  2. Carsten Bjørnlund
  3. Ellen Hillingsø
  4. Lise Baastrup
  5. Kristoffer Fabricius
  6. Carsten Norgaard

Mille Dinesen

Mille Dinesen is the undoubted star of the show and everything revolves around her, she has the lead role of Rita Madsen. The Danish actress started her career in professional acting in 2002. Since then she has been a fixture in the Tv industry in Denmark. 

Her popularity extends beyond the Scandinavian country and she is popular globally mostly due to the exposure she got from Rita and Netflix’s global appeal. 

Carsten Bjørnlund

Bjørnlund plays the headmaster and has a minor but exciting role throughout the series. 

The 47-year-old has veteran experience in acting and his first role on-screen came more than 20 years ago. He has worked on theater, film, and TV shows. 

Ellen Hillingsø

She is a maestro of acting and vis well known for her iconic voice. She has been active in the Danish show business since 1988 and has appeared in many iconic works.

Her role on Rita is that of the school counselor Helle. She is the thorn in Rita’s side and is a character that you will love to hate on the show. 

Lise Baastrup

Lise is one of the younger main cast members at 36 years old. She is an acting academy graduate and is perhaps best-known for her title role on Hjørdis. 

Plot And Premise

Rita is one of the Danish series that has reached global popularity and unlike other shows in the same category it is not a serious Nordic-noir crime-drama piece. It is one of the few shows that deals with serious issues faced in the education system and presents them in a funny way. 

The lead character Rita is a rebellious teacher that subverts expectations with her unconventional and unique way of dealing with school kids. Right from the off we know that she is a challenge for authorities as in the first episode, she is returning from suspension. 

Rita’s way of dealing with the kids in her school and her personal life is the central plot of the show. The events of her former and present life are in focus throughout the now.  

The show also expertly tackles topics like abortion, sexuality, learning disabilities, etc. with a perfect balance of humor and gravity. 

Shot In A Former School

Rita was shot in National Innovative Centre (SPF) in Islev, Rødovre. Not only the school but the locations around it were also used for shooting. 


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