Roast Me Filter On Instagram and TikTok Explained: How To Use It?

Roast Me Filter On Instagram and TikTok Explained: How To Use It?

Roast Me Filter On Instagram and TikTok Explained: How To Use It?

Roast me Filter on Instagram and TikTok  is getting very popular these days. Just like any other popular filters on Instagram like Guess the Gibberish challenge, Never Have I ever, you might have seen some of your friends post these stories titled as ‘Roast me’.

What exactly is Roast Me Filter on Instagram?

Roast me effect is an AR filter that detects your face and then shows some random irrelevant insults over your head, which people find humorous. For instance, “Zombies get Brain! Don’t worry you are safe”. As we all love to roast people on social media by commenting on their photos and videos, this filter effect of Instagram is really fun.

Some people with a great sense of humor like to get roasted in public and post their embarrassing picture using the hashtag #roastme. So these people in particular might love to use this filter to post stories.

This Roast Me filter in Instagram is created by Christopher Gu who have created lots of other challenges and filters in Instagram including Guess the Gibberish challenge, Never Have I ever, and Bubble wrap. Most of the time, you will need to unlock the Instragram filter by following the creators profile. Therefore, following this famous public creator on Instagram is very useful to get your hands on the trending filters.

How to use Roast Me Filter or Effect on Instagram?

Those who want to use this roast me filter and post stories, the step by step guide on how to find it and use this filter on Instagram is mentioned below:

1. Open the Instagram app in your phone.

2. Search “gu_christopher” and open his profile. 


3. You may find the filters section denoted by a smile icon in the middle of posts and tags icon

4. In case you are using Instagram in your PC instead of your phone then you can directly see the filter section right above the posts sections.

Just scroll to the right sides to discover various filters in round icons just like you can see the Instagram highlights.

5. Scroll and search for the icon denoted by Pikachu logo and open it. Or in your phone, you may also find the demo video by the creator under the name Roast me and open it.

6. Now, you can click on ‘try it’ option. You can find it in the left corner of your screen.

7. Finally, you can create the story with several insults/roasts on you.

Is Roast Me Filter available on TikTok?

Now you all might be little confused on how to create this video on TikTok since you can’t find it on other social media platform.

While your other friends are posting it on TikTok also with hashtag instaroast.


Go ahead start roasting ##fyp ##roastme ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – mikeymarrero

In case of TikTok, we do not have that many filters as compared to Instagram. Tiktok is getting very popular these days so it might also add some fun and trending filters in the coming days. But this does not mean that we cannot share the stories created on Instagram to TikTok.

If you want to share this Roast me filter on TikTok then follow the steps below;

1. Create the story using Roast me filter in Instagram as explained above.

2. Then tap the download button which looks like downward pointing arrow in the upper right hand corner and save the video.

3. Now, click on create video on TikTok and tap to upload in the bottom right hand corner

4. Then, pick the previously saved video from Instragram which is saved in your Gallery.

5. Finally, you can trim or edit the video with additional effects or simply just post it on Tiktok.

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