Rob Porter Ex Wife and Girlfriend, Who Is He Dating Now 2020

Jennifer Willoughby: Rob Porter’ Ex-Wife and Girlfriend, Who Is He Dating Now 2020

Jennifer Willoughby: Rob Porter’ Ex-Wife and Girlfriend, Who Is He Dating Now 2020

Jennifer Willoughby is the ex-wife of Rob Porter. She went through a very abusive relationship with Rob which eventually led to divorce. Rob Porter is a former White House secretary who left the job after his image was really dismantled in the public eyes.

What had happened was that a woman called Colbie Holderness confessed to having been abused by Porter and Jennifer also came out and did an emotional interview on “Today” where she said that Rob Porter actually was very abusive to her as well. After the Me Too movement, people have been very empathetic to women when they talk about domestic violence.

Rob Porter has been accused by 2 of his ex-partners- Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby. Jennifer in particular was very openly discussing the limitlessness of the abuse she faced. She recounted being pulled out of a shower so that Rob could fight her. That’s some traumatic experience right there.

Name Jennifer Willoughby
Age 38
Gender Female
Nationality American
Married/Single Single
Children None
Divorce With Rob Porter
Instagram jennie.willoughby

10 Facts On Jennifer Willoughby

  1. Jennifer Willoughby is currently 38 years of age according to some sources on the internet.
  2. We have to say we don’t know when her birthday is. That’s because she has never celebrated her birthday publicly.
  3. She is of American nationality.
  4. Willoughby really came to the attention when she gave an interview about her abusive ex-husband Rob Porter who was White House Secretary.
  5. She was born in Arlington, Virginia.
  6. Jennifer and Rob got married on Thanksgiving of 2009 but she separated from him after just a year.
  7. Willoughby claims to have been physically abused by Porter on December 22 of 2009.
  8. Rob and Jennifer did not have any children from their brief marriage.
  9. Her ex-husband, Rob had apparently dated Hope Hicks but they also separated in 2018. So, he is currently single.
  10. Jennifer claims that Rob used to attack her intelligence and make her feel bad about herself and that was as painful as physical abuse.

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